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NAMPA – Traffic is more roundabout at the intersection of Happy Valley and Victory Roads in Nampa, thanks to a new roundabout installation completed there in May.

“This opened it up to less congestion,” said Devin Muchow, district manager of Nampa Highway No.1, who oversaw the implementation of the project.

At its center, the roundabout features a welded-in replica of a 1903 Wright Flyer, the aircraft built by the Wright brothers that was the first aircraft to fly, according to Dale Bradburn, owner of Advantage Machine and Hydraulic Inc. , who designed and built the replica. The total cost of the project was around $ 2.4 million, said Paige Rhoades, the road district clerk.

“We mostly make and repair things, but I wanted to prove to people that we can make art if we want to,” Bradburn said. “We’ve done a lot of research to make it the way it’s supposed to be built, even with the wings folded,” although it’s slightly smaller than the actual plane, he added. In total, around nine people worked on the project for around a month, including a friend from Bradburn who is not employed by the company but was happy to help with the project, Bradburn said.

A model of a 1903 Wright Flyer was set up in the center of a roundabout at the intersection of Victory Road and Happy Valley Road in Nampa, pictured here on Wednesday June 16, 2021.

The intersection was a four-lane intersection with stop signs. To install the roundabout, the intersection was moved south approximately 1,000 feet to prevent street lights from the roundabout encroaching on the airspace of the runway adjacent to the municipal airport. from Nampa, Muchow explained.

The Bradburn firm was one of three who submitted bids to design the art centerpiece, Muchow said. Although the road district oversaw the project, the city of Nampa will assume ownership of the facility in the future, he said.

The installation of roundabouts, also called roundabouts, is an increasingly common decongestion solution which usually involves replacing stop signs at an intersection with traffic signs and installing a circular landscaped area or rounded to the middle of the intersection. Traffic can enter the roundabout if it is clear and bypass the middle section, either continuing on the same road it came from or exiting the roundabout on the other road.

This roundabout is just the latest in a series of roundabout installations with artwork installed in Nampa, Muchow said. A planned roundabout for Midland Avenue and Ustick Road will feature a replica of the old Canyon County Courthouse, while another roundabout at the intersection of Star Road and Cherry Lane will feature an actual road grader drawn by horses accompanied by two manufactured horses, he said.

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