Monthly Archives: June 2021

Watch this flying car take its first flight in 2020

By Jack Guy, CNN Business A prototype flying car performed a test flight between two cities in Slovakia, spending 35 minutes in the air. Klein Vision’s AirCar flew between Nitra and the capital Bratislava on Monday, according to a press release on Wednesday. The AirCar Prototype 1 is powered by …

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Vaccine order confuses airport workers

He ridiculed it as a ‘no punch, go bankrupt’ policy because it could mean hundreds of staff lose shifts, and said if it were to be applied to all workers from the airport, the state government should have properly consulted with the industry beforehand. Airport and border workers are eligible …

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Center could set stricter rules for unmanned aircraft systems

In the context of the drone attack on the Indian Air Force base in Jammu, the Ministry of Civil Aviation could potentially consider tightening existing regulations for unmanned aircraft systems, government officials said. Two explosive devices were dropped from a drone at Jammu Air Base on Sunday in the first …

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