Monthly Archives: August 2021

10 cool car names and their true meanings

There are many factors that go into the name of a car and this is understandable, as the name can be an important part of initial first impressions and eventual acceptance in the market. There are different approaches that automakers have adopted when it comes to naming their vehicles. Some, …

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Histadrut declares labor dispute with airlines

The Histadrut (General Federation of Labor in Israel) declared a labor dispute in the aviation industry. The background to the dispute is the intention of airlines, which have already laid off thousands of workers and put many on unpaid leave, to carry out massive further layoffs. The conflict applies to …

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Volga-Dnepr celebrates its 31st anniversary

Volga-Dnepr was founded on August 22, 1990 as a public limited company. The Ulyanovsk, Russia-based airline is now a major force in transportation services with its unique fleet of jumbo jets. With approximately 3,500 employees in more than nine countries, the company has made significant progress over its 31-year history. …

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