8 luxury cars to consider instead of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz The S-Class is considered the best luxury sedan this side of the Bentley Flying Spur and Rolls-Royce Phantom flagships. It’s not cheap either – it starts from $110,000 – but it’s cheaper than the $200,000 Bentley or the $440,000 Roller.

The S-Class has a reputation for exhibiting new technologies with each new generation, which eventually led most other automakers to follow suit. Heck, the technologies that debuted on the S-Class have now made their way even into the subcompact Toyota Yaris. The current S-Class is the best yet, with a gorgeous exterior and a tech-heavy interior. Sadly, the S-Class is no longer the automatic pinnacle of “mid-range” luxury cars as the new BMW 7 Series is rapidly encroaching on its place with some amazing new technologies.

The S-Class is a master class in luxury that will easily satisfy almost anyone’s comfort needs. Although Mercedes sells a Maybach version which competes directly with the Bentley if the S-Class is deemed too pedestrian. Alternatively, if the S-Class isn’t to your liking, here are eight more luxury cars 2022 to be considered instead.

8/8 Lexus LS

2022 Lexus LS 500h AWD 2 Cropped
Via pressroom.lexus.com

The Lexus LS is currently in its fifth generation and is better than ever. Granted, it no longer has big V8s in its lineup, but the hybrid V6 makes up for it in fuel economy and smoothness. The 10-speed automatic creates smooth shifts in comfort mode, and the hybrid’s 10-speed CVT transmission is smart enough not to even be felt.

Cropped 2022 Lexus LS 500h AWD
Via pressroom.lexus.com

The LS was upgraded in 2020 and now has more angles and creases than even the RC coupe. Looks-wise, it’s definitely on par with the likes of the S-Class – easily drawing attention to itself. The interior is beautifully simple with beautiful leather and intricate designs on the door cards.

7/8 2023 BMW 7 Series


The new BMW 7 Series divides the public in two. It’s either extremely cool or violently ugly, with few enthusiasts taking the middle position. Even though the exterior design is a talking point, the interior and drivetrain are not.

Through BMW

The 7 Series is currently battling with the S-Class for segment dominance in terms of technology. The interior includes screens in the front, screens in the back, screens on the doors and an optional huge cinema screen that descends from the roof. If BMW wanted to make a statement, they’ve achieved that.

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6/8 Audi A8

Audi A8 Quarter Front Gray

While the S-Class and 7-Series battle it out, the Audi A8 is just in the background, doing its own thing. Audi decided to keep the A8 pretty quiet, creating a big, luxurious sedan with no gimmicks or ridiculous technology to make it stand out. Even the S8 model looks like a normal A8.

Audi A8 Quarter Rear Gray

Of course, Audi has a special version for those who want an A8 and want it to stand out. The A8 L Horch adds a longer wheelbasemassive one-piece rims and a grille that makes the S-Class blush. It’s currently only available in China but is expected to arrive in the West soon.

5/8 Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo Exterior
Via: Maserati

The Maserati Quattroporte is the largest sedan manufactured by Poseidon’s Trident. It’s quite a spectacular vehicle with great options, colors and engines. The base model may only have a V6, but it still produces an all-Italian soundtrack worthy of the Maserati name.

Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo rear fairing
Via: Maserati

For those who want a bit more oomph, the top-of-the-range Quattroporte Trofeo has married the luxurious leathers and technologies of Stellantis with the performance and sound of a Ferrari – specifically the F8 Tributo. The Trofeo may have been detuned from the F8, but it’s still a monster when the traction control leaves the room.

4/8 Genesis G90

2023 Genesis G90 White Exterior
Via: Genesis

The Genesis G90 started life as a cheaper alternative to Germany’s luxury sedans, but has now morphed into a viable contender for those same rivals – still at a more affordable price. The difference between the G90 and these cars is that it offers more or less the same build quality, technologies and performance.

Exterior rear view of the 2023 Genesis G90
Via: Genesis

Put the G90 and the current S-Class next to each other, and the Korean product looks better and more interesting. The interior is brilliantly appointed – on par with Lexus, in fact – and the driving dynamics are above average thanks to BMW engineers hired by Hyundai. The G90 is a fantastic alternative to the S-Class – to $20,000 less. The G90 also comes with most of the extras that should be optional in the Mercedes.

3/8 lucid air

Via: Lucid Motors

The Lucid Air is the Tesla Model S’s biggest competitor. Where the Model S falls short compared to the Air is in build quality, which makes the Air a true American rival for the likes of the S-Class, 7 Series and the A8. It would be interesting to see a drag race between the Air, the i7 and the EQS – in which the Air would probably win over the Germans.

2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance 2 cropped
via lucidmotors.com

The Air is currently available in Touring, Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance versions, with a lower-slung Pure version coming with rear-wheel-drive and longer range. Lucid also introduced the Air Sapphire, a high performance tri-motor version to rival the Model S Plaid. Funniest of all? Lucid was started by a group of ex-Tesla engineers and managers.

2/8 Hyundai Grandeur

Hyundai's new Grandeur flagship sedan
by: Hyundai

The Hyundai Grandeur has been around since 1986, but it only recently became mainstream outside of Korea when the company announced its new seventh-generation model. The Grandeur will once again be Hyundai’s flagship sedan – as it was usurped by the Dynasty sedan in 1996.

Hyundai's new Grandeur flagship sedan
by: Hyundai

The styling of the new Grandeur is heavily influenced by current design language, sharing much of its design with the Staria minivan. Although not much is yet known about what will power the Grandeur, the concept shown seems to be almost ready for production. It looks simple yet complex, much in the same way the Bentley Flying Spur does. The one thing we’re not so sure about is the weird 1980s-inspired steering wheel.

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1/8 Toyota Century

Toyota Century (black) - front

The Toyota Century is one of the coolest Japanese vehicles ever made. Currently in its third generation, the Century sits above Lexus in the Toyota hierarchy. The Century is built on the old Lexus LS platform as a hybrid V8 is used to propel the luxury car from place to place.

Toyota Century

Interestingly, the second generation Century was the only car in the Japanese auto industry to feature a V12 engine. The new generation includes cloth and leather seats, but also carries on the tradition of woolen seats because it’s considered luxurious in Japan – and it’s warmer on cold days. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class may have more tricks, but the Toyota Century will turn heads and grab attention wherever it goes.

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