Air Asia India celebrates “women in aviation”

India’s first female professional pilot took off in 1956, which became a benchmark for women to break away from their inner workings and venture into a male-dominated field of aviation. In 60 years, the Indian aviation industry is the largest employer of female pilots, growing 12.4%, compared to a global average of 5.4%. Creating over 70 unique jobs for people of all walks of life, this industry has truly empowered women to unleash and realize their full potential.

Beyond pilots and cabin crew to air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance engineers, aviation medicine practitioners, aerospace engineers, aviation managers, quality controllers and many more roles, this industry allows women to grow from their roots until the moment they take off. It is the women, the forces visible in the Indian aviation landscape who fly the planes, while also orchestrating behind the scenes to make sure every trip runs smoothly. The industry is really helping women today to stand up and uplift themselves.

According to Megha Singhania, chief cabin crew, Air Asia India, “Aviation is a symbiotic industry, linking and connecting culture and business. Diversity of thought and inclusive culture contribute to the safety and success of the airline industry, especially at AirAsia India. Wearing multiple hats is often a regular occurrence in a woman’s life. Women pivot, adjust and focus on solutions. Women see work in a more holistic way, as part of their overall life plan. Women are agile, nurturing, empathetic, and value relationships. Women show passion, enthusiasm and an immense capacity to serve. Communication and emotional intelligence are among the strongest skills of a woman. Many women are trained babysitters and know how to handle crises with compassion and patience. At AirAsia India, we have a culture of empowering women and the ratio of men to women in our flight operations department is almost the same. Women in the airline industry who are traditionally seen in cabin crew roles have also been disclosed in other facets of operations. We also have women taking up space in other verticals and proving their courage and making their dreams come true. “

The women of AirAsia India are forces to be reckoned with. Their courage and determination are unprecedented and it is with their passion and dynamism that they accelerate their careers and grow more and more.

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