All eyes are on Air Peace boss Allen Onyeama

Worried is the head that wears the crown. This Shakespearean quote seems to fit perfectly with the fate of town lawyer and aviation magnate, Allen Onyeama. For the boss of Air Peace, he was able to stand up despite all the obstacles that were opposed to him, especially since his adventure in the aviation sector. He has remained steadfast even when things are difficult and seem almost impossible to achieve. For the quintessential entrepreneur, he remained relevant due to his usual tenacity and stubbornness. Since joining the aviation industry nearly ten years ago, Onyeama has always aimed for the best. Leveraging his business intelligence, Anambra State-born Onyeama has revolutionized air travel and reinvigorated the Nigerian aviation industry. This, it was believed, made him a prominent figure in the aviation industry in West Africa today.

In recent years, the cosmopolitan business magnate has taken on many responsibilities on behalf of his industry and the country as a whole. Given the current challenges in the aviation sector where some foreign airlines are already threatening to leave the country or adjust their business model on their trapped funds, increasing fears that air travelers will be exploited, many are turning already towards Onyeama and its airline to reinforce operations on these international routes to fill the gap in case of an eventuality.

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