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Founded in Silicon Valley, California, uAvionix has maintained a scorching pace of product development since moving to Bigfork, MT, in 2019, and announced the weatherproof, networked pingStation 3 on November 10, less than a year after the deployment of pingStation 2 (The original pingStation debuted in 2017.)

The latest pingStation retains the functionality of its product line predecessor, including an internal GPS receiver that provides high resolution time stamps that enable multilateration, which in turn supports advanced air traffic management applications such as that drone flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). A constellation of receivers can be used to multiliterate Mode S transponder traffic, calculating the position with a high degree of accuracy by measuring the difference in time of arrival.

Like its predecessor, pingStation 3 is powered by an Ethernet cable and becomes an accessible resource on the network. Unlike its predecessor, the pingStation 3 now supports the ASTERIX CAT021 data standard used worldwide by air traffic management systems, including surveillance radars, display systems and multilateration systems. The upgraded model continues to support compressed JSON and VRS formats, although the added capability makes pingStation 3 a plug-and-play add-on for a variety of air traffic management systems and applications without requiring translation software, the company noted in its press release.

Now priced at $ 2,250 each, pingStation 3 is an all-in-one device that includes the ADS-B receiver, GPS receiver, and antenna in an IP67 waterproof housing suitable for outdoor mounting, and a clamp. pole mounting is fixed. A single Ethernet cable powers and connects the device to a local area network, allowing users to track ADS-B equipped planes over 200 miles away. It can also detect signals from land vehicles equipped with ADS-B transmitters or transceivers such as the vehicle movement zone transponder from L3Harris, or the various ADS-B transceivers sold by uAvionix and others for all types of aircraft, with or without crew. uAvionix noted in the press release that pingStations are being used to support BVLOS drone operations in established corridors in North Dakota and New York.

Regulators in the UK are considering updated policies for displaying flight information at Class G airports in light of pingStation availability, the company also noted.

uAvionix hosts an online server that offers sample pingStation data viewed through the company’s “virtual radar” interface.

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