Bangor Airport will continue to serve military aircraft under new federal contract

Bangor International Airport has won a $ 64 million contract from the federal government to supply fuel to planes for the military and a host of civilian federal agencies.

The contract essentially allows the airport to continue to serve military aircraft, which represent a major source of traffic.

The Defense Logistics Agency, a sub-agency of the Department of Defense that manages and procures supplies, weapons, fuel and other logistics for military branches, announcement the price Friday.

The award grants Bangor Airport a four-year contract to supply fuel to the US Air Force, Marines Corps, military, navy and other civilian agencies. The contract ends on March 31, 2025.

“This was a competitive acquisition with 116 responses received,” said the Defense Logistics Agency.

The contract allows Bangor International Airport to continue its long-standing relationship with the military, providing fuel at a fixed rate per gallon, said Aimée Thibodeau, director of marketing and business development for the international airport. from Bangor.

The defense agency awarded Bangor International Airport $ 38 million in military supply contracts in 2013 and 2017.

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