Bradley Coalition vehicles patrol near SDF-held prison

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on Sunday that the US-led coalition was patrolling the northeastern Syrian town of Hasakah with Bradley fighting vehicles.

In a tweet, the SDF Military Operations and Coordination Center said the US-led coalition deployed the Bradley vehicles for joint patrols with the SDF in Hasakah near a prison holding members of the SDF. Islamic State (ISIS) to improve security in the region.

One of the Bradley vehicles was pictured displaying the SDF flag.

The local North Press agency reported that five U.S. Bradley military combat vehicles arrived at the U.S.-led Global Coalition base in the Geweran neighborhood on September 25.

Authorities in northeastern Syria are holding ISIS operatives in 19 detention centers across the region. The majority of these suspected terrorists are held in two facilities run by the SDF in Hasakah province.

Geweran prison has been the scene of several escape attempts by inmates affiliated with ISIS. In one such attempt last year, inmates temporarily took control of part of the facility where thousands of inmates are held.

The British government has invested $ 20 million in the expansion of Hasakah prison.

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The official Special Operation Joint Task Force – Levant Twitter account tweeted that SDF Counter Terrorism Forces (HAT) attended “a Bradley combat vehicle and mortar stand hosted by coalition forces in Hasakah province , in Syria, September 29, 2021 “.

However, he did not specify where exactly in Hasakah province this took place. The coalition has a small number of bases in the province.

“Partner forces continue to train with coalition advisers to engage #Daesh (ISIS) wherever they occur,” the coalition account said.

In September 2020, the United States redeployed Bradley Fighting Vehicles to deter Russian threats. This came after Russian vehicles crashed into an American convoy near Derik, injuring a number of American soldiers.

Since September 2020, the number of incidents between Russian and coalition troops has decreased.

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