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US AircraftFinance is a full-service, nationwide direct aviation finance firm dedicated to providing low rates and terms, as well as exceptional customer service.We provide new and secondhand General Aviation aircraft finance and insurance via Continental U.S.

The U.S.Air Forces have completed approximately $375million in aircraft finance Champion Loans. Its staff consists of experts in this industry with over 50years of flying and banking expertise.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re financing the purchase of a plane by refinancing (to obtain a lower cost or to free up equity) and also upgrading your aircraft (new engine, avionics as well as any of the others) We are aware of the specifics of financing aircraft as well as the issues and the best method to satisfy your needs.

All aircraft flying in airspaces that require the use of a Mode C transponder must have ADS-B installed by January, according to the FAA.1st of 2020 AutomaticDependentSurveillance-Broadcast, or ADS-B is a key component of NextGen air traffic modernization. Aircraft equipped with ground stations transmit data about airspeed, altitude, and location derived from GPS to other aircraft in the region through ADS-B Out. In order to increase traffic management efficiency, air traffic controllers utilize the data to “see” participating aircraft in real-time. Consider this a temporary security enhancement, since it may allow you to fly longer than other pilots who are hurrying to get it done before the deadline at avionics shops.


It is very straightforward and quick to apply for aviation finance. Complete the online application and obtain the loan paperwork. Filling it out is simple and quick. Apply online right now to obtain a speedy pre-approval.

At USAF you can make a direct offer and get the ideal aircraft financing loan without needing to pay commissions or broker fees on the part of the middleman.Our quick and efficient process permits us to offer some of the best rates for financing aircraft and terms you can get.We will ensure that you get cheaper rates and fees than other lenders in the aviation industry!

and we have our own cutting-edge processing and closing facilities that allow our customers to close their aircraft loans faster than the competition, with immediate approval and closings the next day. Quick turnaround on US aircraft finance is assured!

From application to closing services, US Aircraft Finance consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations by delivering complete service, fantastic rates, and termsall in one site and in a flash! Discover why our competitors remark, “We just lost another aircraft loan to the US Air Force!”