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Above: Gas engine being overhauled at an MRO installation / Image source: Optomec

Optomec, manufacturer of patented Aerosol Jet Systems for 3D printed electronics, and LENS, announcement delivery of a multifunctional metal additive system to a leading supplier of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for the aviation industry.

The user is an existing customer who has more than five Optomec metal additive systems in production to repair a variety of turbine components, from aircraft engines to industrial gas turbines. The new machine combines two manual turbine repair operations, not only reducing the cost of engine overhauls, but also improving the quality and consistency of these flight-critical procedures.

Metal additive system
Above: Optomec LENS 860 3D Metal Additive System / Image source: Optomec

Optomec’s proprietary process uses a combination of advanced machine vision, adaptive software, on-the-fly laser power tuning and automation to precisely add metal to worn engine components, restoring them to defined geometric specifications by original turbine engine manufacturers.

Optomec’s metal additive repair solutions are the gold standard in the gas turbine industry and are currently used in high volume production at approximately 100 maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities worldwide. . A single machine has the capacity to repair 10,000 turbine blades per year, and together Optomec users have performed production repairs on more than 10 million components over time. The global fleet of 25,000 commercial and 50,000 military aircraft has an overhaul time (TBO) of approximately 5,000 flight hours, creating a significant and growing demand for automated repair equipment. The Optomec metal additive system is currently certified for aircraft repair in 15 countries.

“There are really three advantages to using the Optomec AM process to repair turbine components. First of all, it saves time and money compared to manual repairs. Second, it requires much less heat input, so the base metal is much less affected by the repair. Finally, since the adaptive AM process adds less repair metal, downstream machining costs are significantly reduced.

– Jamie Hanson, Vice President of Business Development at Optomec

Optomec’s metal additive systems use a process called Directed Energy Deposition (DED) to build 3D metal parts by depositing powdered metal into a precisely controlled molten metal pool. Fiber optic lasers provide thermal power while advanced motion control systems produce required part geometries. Optomec is the DED market leader with over 200 DED machines in service.

About Optomec: Optomec is a rapidly growing private supplier of metal additive systems. Optomec’s patented aerosol spray systems for printed electronics and LENS and Huffman branded 3D printers for the production and repair of metal components are used by industry to reduce product cost and improve performance . Together, these unique printing solutions work with the widest range of functional materials, from electronic inks to structural metals and even biological material.

LENS is a registered trademark of Sandia National Labs; Aerosol Jet is a registered trademark of Optomec, Inc.

About the Manufactur3D magazine: Manufactur3D is an online magazine about 3D printing. Visit our Global News page for more updates on Global 3D Printing News. To stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of 3D printing, like us on Facebook or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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ST Engineering and UPS launch skills progression program http://airrahe-ultralights.com/st-engineering-and-ups-launch-skills-progression-program/ http://airrahe-ultralights.com/st-engineering-and-ups-launch-skills-progression-program/#respond Sat, 16 Oct 2021 19:06:48 +0000 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/st-engineering-and-ups-launch-skills-progression-program/

(PHOTO: ST Engineering)

In a joint effort to create a pipeline of qualified aircraft maintenance technicians to meet the growing needs of the aviation industry, ST Engineering and UPS have reached an agreement to work together on a skills progression program that will provide training in employment course for future aviation technicians. Such an initiative is one of the first put in place between an airline and an MRO service provider to provide training and career opportunities to those interested in a career in aircraft maintenance, and is one of the numerous talent recruitment and development initiatives in which ST Engineering collaborates with its partners.

Under this program, participants recruited from a variety of backgrounds will complete three years of accelerated on-the-job professional training and skills dedicated to working on UPS aircraft. The program, which includes progressive training at the apprentice, mechanic and technician levels, will be delivered at ST Engineering’s cell MRO facilities in Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida in the United States. and be considered for employment by the airline.

Jeffrey Lam, President of Commercial Aerospace at ST Engineering, said, “The training program is a natural extension of our long-standing relationship with UPS as we increasingly partner with industry partners to meet the growing needs of the market for aeronautical technicians. We look forward to further exploring such opportunities with other partners – including clients and the local community – as we continue to diversify and strengthen our talent pool and create rewarding career paths for those interested. by an aeronautical vocation. “

“The program will create a pool of talented technicians who will have experience working on UPS aircraft, as well as a working knowledge of our manuals, processes and procedures. This will help us continue to provide safe and reliable aircraft and maintain exceptional service for our customers, ”said Bill Moore, UPS vice president of aircraft maintenance and engineering.

Recognized worldwide as a leading independent MRO service provider, ST Engineering operates aerospace facilities in Asia-Pacific, the United States and Europe, providing a wide range of career opportunities for aviation technicians in MRO. airframes, components and engines. In the United States, where ST Engineering has cell facilities in San Antonio, Mobile and Pensacola, the Group works with the local community, schools and technical training institutes to support the continued growth of a workforce. qualified in aviation through scholarships and internships, as well as initiatives including an Airman Trainee program and a Military Fast Track program.

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]]> http://airrahe-ultralights.com/st-engineering-and-ups-launch-skills-progression-program/feed/ 0 AutoFlight introduces V1500M – an autonomous passenger eVTOL aircraft http://airrahe-ultralights.com/autoflight-introduces-v1500m-an-autonomous-passenger-evtol-aircraft/ http://airrahe-ultralights.com/autoflight-introduces-v1500m-an-autonomous-passenger-evtol-aircraft/#respond Fri, 15 Oct 2021 15:01:05 +0000 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/autoflight-introduces-v1500m-an-autonomous-passenger-evtol-aircraft/

Shaping the future of urban air mobility: Technology company AutoFlight introduces an autonomous passenger eVTOL aircraft: the V1500M. It will change the face of personal air travel. AutoFlight launched its autonomous fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) electric aircraft to the world at the Chinese Zhuhai Airshow.

With its sleek look and innovative technology, the V1500M does not rest on runways and airports. It can take off vertically and land anywhere anytime. Almost any roof or flat surface becomes a vertiport. When it reaches a certain altitude, the power system activates the double propeller thruster, so the V1500M is able to cruise at the speed of a fixed-wing aircraft. And in low-level airspace, the all-electric design allows the aircraft to operate at a very low noise level.

As the power consumption in fixed wing mode is much lower than in multirotor mode, the V1500M can fly much farther than any pure multicoptor eVTOL.

Capable of flying unmanned, the V1500M uses eight lift motors to take off and land vertically like a multi-rotor aircraft, and travel up to 250 km carrying up to four passengers. At the moment, a safety pilot is still mandatory. Yet, as technology advances and regulations become more refined, that space can later be allocated to another passenger or additional baggage.

“The V1500M is a milestone – not only for AutoFlight but also for the global development of urban air mobility,” says Tian Yu, Founder and CEO of AutoFlight. “Our company is committed to developing safe and reliable eVTOL passenger aircraft and helping to create a better future for mobility. “

In terms of safety, AutoFlight with its rich experience in the design and manufacture of airplanes and its commitment to manufacture reliable flying cars in accordance with the standards of the aviation industry. The redundant power system of the lift rotor and propeller lifter ensures that the aircraft could fly safely if two of the rotors malfunction. If one propeller fails, the other still ensures safe flight and landing. The V1500M also features a full-plane parachute, designed to serve as the last line of safety to protect passengers so they can fly safely.

The V1500M will make its maiden flight in the near future. The objective is to certify the aircraft with the aeronautical authorities by 2024.

Tian Yu: “AutoFlight will continue to contribute to the eVTOL industry. By creating safe, efficient and systematic R&D and AC processes, leveraging national and international resources, and building partnerships across industries, AutoFlight strives to accelerate the practical implementation of eVTOL in commercial and us applications. lead to a better future with UAM.

With its tradition and experience, AutoFlight aims to create a profitable, safe and reliable eVTOL

AutoFlight is one of the first technology companies in China to start manufacturing autonomous eVTOLs, including large payload logistics and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Logistics drones were introduced first. They have now accumulated over 10,000 flight hours and have been tested in all kinds of extreme conditions.

AutoFlight holds exclusive intellectual property rights in key technologies such as flight control systems, electrical systems, or other critical components. They have obtained more than 200 national and international patents for its self-developed modules, including highly efficient electric motors, electronic control systems and durable and lightweight carbon fiber composite materials.

“Following our cargo-passenger strategy, we are moving step by step, but very simply,” says Tian Yu.

Key specifications of the V1500M
Aircraft length 10.3 meters
Span 12.8 meters
Fuselage height 3.1 meters
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) 1500kg
Typical seats 3 – 4
Cruising speed 200 km / h
Flight field (fully seated) 250 km

About automatic theft

AutoFlight is a global high-tech startup, born in China, specializing in the development and manufacture of autonomous aerial vehicles. AutoFlight’s mission is to provide safe and reliable aviation logistics systems and urban air mobility solutions for human society. By leveraging new aviation technologies, new materials, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and 5G, AutoFlight is actively driving the development of the eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) industry.

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Munich Airport partners with Urban-Air Port to develop eVTOL infrastructure http://airrahe-ultralights.com/munich-airport-partners-with-urban-air-port-to-develop-evtol-infrastructure/ http://airrahe-ultralights.com/munich-airport-partners-with-urban-air-port-to-develop-evtol-infrastructure/#respond Thu, 14 Oct 2021 08:15:51 +0000 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/munich-airport-partners-with-urban-air-port-to-develop-evtol-infrastructure/
Urban-Air Port is currently rolling out its Air One program – a fully operational and integrated airport for drones and eVTOL that connects air mobility to ground transportation in a multimodal hub, which is expected to be unveiled in spring 2022.

Munich International Airport (MAI) has announced a new partnership with Urban-Air Port to develop eVTOL ground infrastructure and airport operations that facilitate the vertical take-off and landing of electric air taxis. The partners aim to provide a roadmap for efficient and sustainable flight operations.

Urban-Air Port is currently rolling out its Air One program – a fully operational and integrated airport for drones and eVTOL that connects air mobility to ground transportation in a multimodal hub. Air One will be located in a city center and will be presented for the first time to industry and the general public in Coventry, UK in spring 2022. The aim is to demonstrate an ultra-functional multi-functional operations center. compact, rapidly deployable for men and unmanned vehicles providing command and control of aircraft, loading and refueling, cargo and passenger loading and other associated services.

The new partnership will see MAI bring its aeronautical and non-aeronautical expertise to the planning, development and operation of Air One, thus creating synergies essential for the successful introduction and operation of urban and air ports.

“The aviation industry is constantly evolving. While urban air mobility was only a vague sight just a few years ago, this trend is now within reach. We, as Munich International Airport, see great potential in this new mode of transport and have developed an advanced air mobility program to actively shape the future, ”says Dr Ralf Gaffal, Managing Director of MAI. “The partnership with Urban-Air Port allows us to join forces to design, implement and operate scalable and sustainable urban-air ports around the world. “

In addition to the Air One program, the two sides will collaborate on longer-term projects and opportunities, initially focusing on use cases and markets that are expected to emerge over the next two years.

Ricky Sandhu, Founder and Executive Chairman of Urban-Air Port, added, “Urban-Air Port not only works with the world’s leading developers of eVTOL, but is also developing the entire ecosystem to enable air mobility to take its course. flight by establishing strategic partnerships with major mobility and industry partners around the world. This collaboration with Munich International Airport, the “5-Star Standard” in airport operations, allows us to jointly develop our expertise in the development and operation of airports. In addition, we can lay the groundwork for an integrated global urban air transport network. Together, we strive to play a major role in shaping the future of urban air mobility and in equipping and adapting the aviation industry to meet the needs of the decades to come.

The announcement comes a month after Urban-Air Port and Hyundai announced plans to build 65 urban and air ports around the world to meet expected demand for drones and electric air taxis.

The urban air mobility (UAM) market is expected to grow from $ 2.6 billion in 2020 to $ 9.1 billion by 2030. This year alone, industry investment has skyrocketed with 4 , $ 7 billion announced for the development of eVTOL vehicles. Recent technological advances and the need for more affordable, faster and more sustainable travel are driving this trend forward. FTE recently reviewed the state of the UAM industry, some of the most recent developments, and the opportunities and challenges facing the aviation industry. Read the full story here.

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Business aviation industry commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/business-aviation-industry-commits-to-net-zero-carbon-emissions-by-2050/ http://airrahe-ultralights.com/business-aviation-industry-commits-to-net-zero-carbon-emissions-by-2050/#respond Tue, 12 Oct 2021 22:37:00 +0000 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/business-aviation-industry-commits-to-net-zero-carbon-emissions-by-2050/

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 12 (Reuters) – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and other industry groups on Tuesday pledged “net zero emissions” of carbon by 2050, as the flagship jet show private sector started in Las Vegas.

Business aviation has joined with airlines and airports to strengthen its plans to fight climate change. Previously, the industry pledged to halve emissions from 2005 levels by 2050.

Aviation is responsible for around 3% of global CO2 emissions, and an increase in private travel is putting increased pressure on the business aviation industry to reduce emissions.

Aviation brokers and other industry executives at the show told Reuters buyers were looking for more efficient models and asking questions about compensation, but none were deferring the purchase of business jets or of private travel due to the environment.

While business aviation emits a fraction of the pollution compared to commercial travel, private travel is increasingly monitored as it generates more emissions per passenger than regular air traffic.

“The world demands sustainability,” NBAA chief executive Ed Bolen said over breakfast with reporters.

A week ago, a group representing global airlines set the same goal at their annual general meeting in Boston. Read more

Planners are adding more recycled material to planes, looking for ways to make planes lighter to use less fuel, and working on a new generation of electric planes.

But like airlines, business jet executives agree that the fastest way to cut emissions is to use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) which is not widely available due to its higher costs. students.

The US Department of Energy website states that the sustainable aviation fuel is “made from renewable biomass and waste” and has the potential “to deliver the performance of petroleum-based jet fuel, but with a fraction of its carbon footprint ”.

“SAF will rapidly decarbonise the industry,” said Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation SA

While SAF is now too scarce to meet the needs of commercial aviation, an increase in production could more easily satisfy private flights, Trappier said.

“Our customers, they are willing to pay a little more for fuel,” he said in an interview on the sidelines of the show.

French aircraft manufacturer Falcon 10X’s flagship jet will be equipped with engines designed to run entirely on sustainable aviation fuel, Dassault said. Read more

Trappier said the 10X has controls and has garnered “a lot of attention” but wouldn’t give exact numbers.

According to a recent business aviation forecast from Honeywell International (HON.O), 83% of 2021 survey respondents said they currently do not use any method for “environmentally friendly” flight operations. “. Read more

Reporting by Allison Lampert in Las Vegas; Editing by David Gregorio and Alistair Bell

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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business aviation ‘V’ rebound | Aviation Week Network http://airrahe-ultralights.com/business-aviation-v-rebound-aviation-week-network/ http://airrahe-ultralights.com/business-aviation-v-rebound-aviation-week-network/#respond Mon, 11 Oct 2021 21:52:30 +0000 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/business-aviation-v-rebound-aviation-week-network/

The National Business Aviation Association gathers in Las Vegas for its flagship event amid renewed optimism about the future of the industry and a feeling that the COVID-19 pandemic, while undefeated, is attracting unsuccessful interest. precedent for private aviation.

“The NBAA kicks off tomorrow and we expect a good mood,” JP Morgan analyst Seth Seifman wrote in a note to clients. These sentiments were echoed time and again by industry executives during a series of press conferences on October 11 that preceded the event’s official opening.

Global aviation activity is higher than it was before the pandemic and “used stock is at an all-time low,” said Eric Trappier, chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation.

Michael Amalfitano, President and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets, estimates the number of new buyers entering the market is triple what it was before the pandemic. “Users have become more engaged in business aviation in the last two years of the pandemic than ever before in the history of our industry,” he said. “The main goal is to recognize that there is this huge opportunity for customers who have entered the market. The user base has grown by over 50% from pre-pandemic levels, and when you look at buyers, whether they’re people coming to buy a new plane or a used plane, it has increased by more than 35%.

Michael Amalfitano, President and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets. Credit: Brett Schauf / ShowNews

Florida-based Embraer Executive Jets achieved record second quarter 2021 sales versus 2020 – double-digit growth – and a strong order book with a book-to-bill above 2: 1. “We are full until 2023,” says Amalfitano.

Honeywell’s new forecast calls for deliveries of up to 7,400 new business jets worth $ 238 billion over the next decade, reflecting an annual growth rate of 3%.

“The pandemic has been a big shock to the industry but it is an accelerator for the business and general aviation industry, as can be seen in the form of a V-shaped recovery,” Says Samir Sahgal, Senior Sales Director at Boeing Global Services “We are seeing continued interest from first-time buyers. Historically, new entrants have accounted for 15-20% of aircraft purchases, but today more than 30% of buyers are first-time buyers in this industry.It’s absolutely fantastic to see the interest continue, and I think the pie is growing.

Eric Martel, President and CEO of Bombardier, says the company’s recent decision to focus on business aviation is paying off. Bombardier has been able to accumulate “quite a bit of backlog”, he says. “We are seeing a lot of momentum with the fleet operators.”

Boeing Business Jets is also seeing demand return, says Alex Fecteau, Marketing Director. Resale transactions are up 57% from 2020 and 47% from 2019 in the first eight months of this year.

Longitude throw
Cessna Citation Longitude on display at the NBAA flight line. Credit: Brett Schauf / ShowNews

Airbus Corporate Helicopters recorded 66 orders, or reservations, for its single and twin-engine models in 2019, and 62 orders in 2020 during the pandemic. This year, in June, it had already booked 43 orders and expects to surpass last year’s performance by the end of the year.

We will announce our official results next year for the end of [2021], but it looks like an exceptional year, ”said Chief Marketing Officer Nitin Sareen. “Basically what the pandemic has also done has shown private business aviation customers the importance of knowing why a helicopter can fit into their lifestyle, whether for private or business use. “

While the show attendees were clearly thrilled to meet again in person, the pandemic remained hanging in the background. The NBAA has asked all participants to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination upon entry. Masks were optional, but many participants chose to wear them. And some key exhibitors were missing.

“I wouldn’t say we are out of the COVID crisis,” said Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president of Daher’s aerospace division and past president of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. “But we see how we can live with this pandemic. “

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Singapore Takes ‘Milestone’ in Reopening Borders to Nine Countries | New http://airrahe-ultralights.com/singapore-takes-milestone-in-reopening-borders-to-nine-countries-new/ http://airrahe-ultralights.com/singapore-takes-milestone-in-reopening-borders-to-nine-countries-new/#respond Sat, 09 Oct 2021 06:38:19 +0000 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/singapore-takes-milestone-in-reopening-borders-to-nine-countries-new/

In its largest border reopening to date, Singapore will expand non-quarantine travel lanes provisions to several countries in Europe, as well as Canada and the United States.

The city-state will also change the requirements for the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) program, including reducing the number of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests each traveler must undergo in lieu of quarantine.

Beginning October 19, Singapore will allow admission of fully vaccinated travelers from the UK, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and the United States.

This is in addition to existing travel arrangements with Germany and Brunei, which were launched in early September.

At a pandemic task force press conference on October 9, Singapore’s Transport Minister S Iswaran said the decision to allow non-quarantine travel with the nine countries was a “milestone.” in the reopening of borders.

The minister notes that the nine countries – which have already eased restrictions on travelers from Singapore – accounted for around 10% of arrivals before the pandemic.

Iswaran adds: “Although it is still a long way from where we were before Covid, this is an important step in reopening our borders, and crucial in reclaiming and rebuilding our status as a global hub. international aviation with global connectivity. ”

To “help cut costs and improve convenience” for travelers on the VTL, Singapore will also cut the number of Covid-19 tests required by half. Starting October 19, VTL travelers will only have to take a pre-departure PCR test – within 48 hours of departure for Singapore – and a post-arrival test at the airport.

Travelers will no longer be required to take PCR tests on the third and seventh days after arriving in Singapore.

As with the previous requirements, all incoming short-term visitors and long-term pass holders will need to apply for a travel pass before entering Singapore. Singaporeans and permanent residents of Singapore are exempt from this requirement. All travelers must also travel on designated flights, most of which will be operated by the national carrier Singapore Airlines.

The announcement comes a day after Singapore and South Korea mutually launched quarantine travel between the two countries starting in November.

Once implemented, all VTLs – including those with Germany and Brunei – are expected to accommodate up to 3,000 passengers per day – still a small fraction of the number of arrivals before the pandemic.

At the press conference, Iswaran said his government would “monitor the incidence rates” before deciding to increase the arrival ceilings.

In a month since VTL’s deployment with Germany and Brunei, Iswaran says about 3,100 travelers have entered the city-state through the program.

“We aim to restore safe, quarantine-free two-way travel with more countries and regions around the world, and are engaged in several discussions to that end. When we announced the VTLs with Germany and Brunei, I emphasized that we would be careful and calibrated in our approach, carefully weighing the risks and operational implications – which is why we took the time to follow up. fter the implementation of our first vaccinated traffic routes. before designing these last movements, ”he adds.

The decision to significantly relax border measures has naturally been welcomed by the airline industry.

IATA Asia-Pacific Regional Vice President Philip Goh called the announcement “a positive and promising development for the aviation and travel industry.”

“We look forward to further such progressive and positive developments that will help restart air transport.

“Singapore’s announcement is very encouraging and a step in the right direction. We hope this will give confidence to other Asia-Pacific states to speed up the reopening of their borders, ”he added.

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SAE International Partners with Blockchain Startups to Shape the Digital Future of the Global Aviation Industry http://airrahe-ultralights.com/sae-international-partners-with-blockchain-startups-to-shape-the-digital-future-of-the-global-aviation-industry/ http://airrahe-ultralights.com/sae-international-partners-with-blockchain-startups-to-shape-the-digital-future-of-the-global-aviation-industry/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:00:00 +0000 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/sae-international-partners-with-blockchain-startups-to-shape-the-digital-future-of-the-global-aviation-industry/

Multi-year cooperative agreement with SkyThread to improve aviation safety, supply chain reliability and unlock value by improving the flow of data between airline transactions

WARRENDALE, Pennsylvania., October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – SAE International today announced a cooperative partnership with SkyThread, a DelawareBlockchain-based startup as an enabling technology to follow the journey of aeronautical assets from commissioning to sale, modification, conversion, transfer, return and final decommissioning.

As part of the partnership with SkyThread, SAE will launch new initiatives and services aimed at improving safety and reliability while unlocking billions of dollars per year in currently unrealized global industrials, beyond pre-pandemic performance levels. .

“We are delighted to partner with SkyThread to collaboratively support the digital transformation of the aerospace industry and help uncover new opportunities in safety and efficiency,” said Raman venkatesh, COO of SAE International and President of SAE Global LLC. “In pursuing its mission, SAE is uniquely positioned to merge over a century of consensus building with accelerating aviation’s transition to a global digital ecosystem, where a fair distribution of value is central. . “

The aerospace industry currently uses highly fragmented manual processes and legacy information systems, which can affect the quality and timeliness of the data flow, even for information relating to the same aircraft part or the same aircraft. . This creates inefficiencies in many aviation events, MROs, and aftermarket transactions. It is also affected by the perceived risks in sharing data as well as the lack of monetization and equitable distribution of the value created in and across the ecosystem.

“SkyThread’s blockchain-enabled data network, combined with state-of-the-art validation, makes records and documentation data permanent and immutable,” said Marc Roboff, CEO of SkyThread. “The confidence that parts are genuine and that maintenance and operating records are genuine cannot be overstated. Confidence in aircraft safety is everything in this industry.”

For more information on SAE International, visit: http://www.sae.org.

To learn more about SkyThread, visit: http://www.skythread.aero.

About SAE International
SAE International is a global organization committed to advancing knowledge and mobility solutions for the benefit of humanity. By hiring nearly 200,000 engineers, technical experts and volunteers, we connect and educate mobility professionals to enable safe, clean and accessible mobility solutions. We act on two priorities: fostering a lifetime of learning for mobility engineering professionals and setting the standards for industrial engineering. We aspire to a better world through the work of our SAE philanthropic foundation, including award-winning programs like A World In Motion® and the Collegiate Design Series ™. More at http://www.sae.org.

About SkyThread
SkyThread is a blockchain-based data network provider that aims to enable commercial aviation stakeholders to unlock billions of value by rapidly accelerating error-free data exchange between participants. The company has developed a federated and reliable recording system coupled with state-of-the-art validation logic that makes data permanent and immutable. We call this “Data for the Life of the Aircraft” authentication. The system is compatible with existing IT systems and does not require any capital investment from aviation stakeholders such as airlines, donors, aircraft manufacturers, regulators and suppliers. The rules for data exchange are governed by the Independent Data Consortium for Aviation, a neutral, consensus-driven consortium made up of various industry stakeholders, of which SkyThread is a member.

Media contact

Justin falce, SAE International, 7247727141, pr@sae.org

SOURCE SAE International

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Aviation players want 2022 budget to include back-up plans to help industry recovery http://airrahe-ultralights.com/aviation-players-want-2022-budget-to-include-back-up-plans-to-help-industry-recovery/ http://airrahe-ultralights.com/aviation-players-want-2022-budget-to-include-back-up-plans-to-help-industry-recovery/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 02:33:25 +0000 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/aviation-players-want-2022-budget-to-include-back-up-plans-to-help-industry-recovery/

KUALA LUMPUR (October 7): Aviation industry players hope the government will consider a range of aid measures in the upcoming 2022 budget to support air transport and the recovery of tourism operators.

As one of the industries hardest hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, strong government support, such as tax exemptions, reduced travel costs, and employment strategies, will be crucial for the whole ecosystem is rebounding, said Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), AirAsia Group Bhd and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB).

MAG hopes that the 2022 budget would include exemption or delay in the payment of taxes, levies or fees imposed by the government and regulatory authorities without interest or penalties until December 31, 2022.

“This will help ease the cash flow of airlines,” said the parent company of the national airline Malaysia Airlines. Bernama.

Currently, airlines are taxed with sales and services tax, departure tax, regulatory service charges, and passenger service charges.

MAG also hopes the government will consider extending the deadline for unused tax losses beyond the current seven years, given the lingering effect of the pandemic and the easing of conditions for group relief.

With the tightening of conditions for group relief, only newly incorporated companies are allowed to share their current year losses with their related entities for up to three years, he said.

“With the pandemic, there have been significant losses in the tourism industry and most businesses have focused their attention on areas that are more sustainable during the lockdown in order to financially support the entire group.

“Relaxing the conditions for group relief would be helpful in easing the burden on group companies still struggling to achieve profitability,” MAG said, adding that a temporary exemption from hotel tax and tourism-related taxes should also be considered to help restart and revitalize the national tourism industry.

Meanwhile, AirAsia Malaysia Managing Director Riad Asmat has expressed hope that the 2022 budget will include measures or incentives to reduce travel and business expenses for travelers and businesses respectively.

He said the government should also consider increasing the disposable income of Keluarga Malaysia to encourage tourism and domestic spending, attract more tourists and encourage higher spending from foreigners, while facilitating safe tourism in the middle of the world. ‘endemic.

“On the employment front, AirAsia hopes that priority will be given to helping keep Malaysians employed and developed in the new digital age.

“These include supporting the sustainability of the workforce with the right talents and the right infrastructure, improving skills and re-qualification of the talent pool, encouraging new investments to create highly skilled jobs. skilled workers and the incentive to invest in the digital space to stimulate the growth of digital jobs, ”he said. noted.

As for the MAHB, the airport operator expressed hope that the Subang Airport regeneration plan will be implemented as part of the 2022 budget, as the planned aviation ecosystem will likely generate more 10 billion ringgit of mature economic output for the country.

Strengthening the position of Subang Airport as a preferred hub for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), aggregator of aerospace parts and components for final assembly and exports to the United States and Europe would also contribute 30 to 50% of national income by 2030.

“The plan will not only attract global players over the next five years, but it will also prepare local players as companies ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0 with access to the latest technologies and tailored requirements meeting international standards,” he added.

The 2022 budget will be tabled in Parliament on October 29, 2021.

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Industry Veteran Launches Corporate Leadership Training for Aviation Professionals | Texas News http://airrahe-ultralights.com/industry-veteran-launches-corporate-leadership-training-for-aviation-professionals-texas-news/ http://airrahe-ultralights.com/industry-veteran-launches-corporate-leadership-training-for-aviation-professionals-texas-news/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 14:00:00 +0000 http://airrahe-ultralights.com/industry-veteran-launches-corporate-leadership-training-for-aviation-professionals-texas-news/

GEORGETOWN, Texas, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – René Banglesdorf, high performance business coach and co-founder of private jet brokerage firm Charlie Bravo Aviation, presents The Aviation Collective, a collaborative leadership development company that helps aviation professionals improve their lives personal and work culture, leaving a lasting impression on the future of aviation.

Collective Aviation offers interactive leadership development challenges, development resources, collaborative coaching memberships, and aviation-specific online courses to help busy professionals hone their soft skills, improve balance work-life and transforming the culture of the workplace.

Based on intensive training and business coaching experience in dozens of industries, as well as research conducted for the FAA Women in Aviation Advisory Board, Banglesdorf observed that the Emphasis on technical training does not appear to prioritize the development of strong leadership attributes. The result is that young professionals choose different career paths or leave aviation for other industries.

“Although technical training is of crucial importance for safety, learning good management skills and developing a strong business acumen light the trail of the future of aviation,” said Banglesdorf . “As the workforce gap widens, the smartest companies will attract the best talent. From what I learned as a successful business coach, talents development is the key – and often underestimated. “

To address the gap, starting on October 4, Banglesdorf will be hosting a 15-day live leadership challenge, free of charge. Organized virtually, each day of the challenge will focus on one of three categories: personal, team or initiative leadership. In just 10-15 minutes each day, the group will be presented with a short lesson and reflective questions to stimulate self-realization and improvement. Pre-registration is recommended: https://theaviationcollective.com/leadership-challenge/.

At 25 october, The Aviation Collective will open enrollment to a digital community of growth-minded professionals. Soar and Ascent memberships will include group coaching, goal setting, networking and education on various aspects of the spectrum of aviation professions. More information can be found at https://theaviationcollective.com/membership/.

Questions can be directed to support@theaviationcollective.com

About the Aviation Collective

Aviation Collective is a collaborative leadership development company that helps aviation professionals improve their personal lives and workplace culture, leaving a lasting impression on the future of aviation. Founded in response to the evolving need for life, team and initiative leadership as the workforce changes, The Aviation Collective provides a combination of digital and live resources drawn from best practices. from several high-stakes sectors. Website: https://theaviationcollective.com/

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