Directional Aviation and Alder Fuels Join Forces for First Business Aircraft Removal Partnership Agreement for SAF 2.0

CLEVELAND AND WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, private aviation investment firm Directional Aviation is making a financial investment in Alder Fuels, a clean technology developer and producer of green crude. As part of the agreement, the two companies will also pilot a pioneering blockchain-powered transparency tool to document the production lifecycle and industry adoption of low-carbon SAFs. State-of-the-art tool will contribute to transparency around SAF production and provide robust documentation for compliance with regulatory programs, environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives and carbon emissions reduction milestones for the sector of aviation.

Alder Fuels uses sustainable biomass, such as regenerative grasses, forestry residues and agricultural waste, to create low-carbon or negative-carbon-footprint green crude that can be converted into SAF using the infrastructure existing oil and petroleum refinery. Unlike first-generation SAFs, which were generated primarily from non-evolutionary supplies of fats, oils, and fats, these biomass sources are abundantly available and, when reused, can contribute to the regeneration of soils and forest fire mitigation.

When calculating the carbon lifecycle of field-to-wingtip fuel production through different biomass sources, AGC-derived SAF can achieve greenhouse gas reductions of over 80 % compared to petroleum-based jet fuel. The process, which has been validated by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), could even be carbon negative when using regenerative crops. The AGC-derived SAF will meet current aircraft specifications and is currently undergoing global certification as a 100% replacement for petroleum-based jet fuel. As part of the agreement, Flexjet will become the first business aviation user of this SAF.

“Our investment in Alder Fuels and our partnership to advance the use of digital technology to document the use of SAFs is an example of private aviation leading the way in sustainability commitments and identifying solutions to reduce carbon emissions that help the entire aviation industry,” said Kenneth C. Ricci, Director, Directional Aviation.

“As we transition from fossil to sustainable energy across our economy, transparency is key. This is how we engender trust and integrity to steepen the adoption curve – and this is exactly what we are working towards at Alder Fuels,” said Bryan Sherbacow, CEO and President of Alder Fuels. “This partnership will demonstrate exactly how fuel is sourced, developed and deployed – from sustainable biomass provider to wingtip. We are excited to test and trial the technology against our offtake agreement with Flexjet and are extremely grateful to Directional Aviation for their financial support and industry leadership.

4AIR and Alder will align the use of blockchain technology tools to account for all emissions reports resulting from the use of SAF, generating the records and transparency needed to comply with regulatory frameworks, ESG standards and other other sustainability commitments. This application of digital technology for the aviation sector has enormous potential. Public blockchains represent a revolutionary technology platform for documenting supply chains and recording ownership of physical assets. They can also be deployed to help verify and validate the supply chain and emissions of renewable fuels. For example, they can improve the reservation and claim model of using SAFs, a practice in which a sustainability claim made by a business or customer is separated from the physical flow of those goods.

“Our goal at 4AIR is to make sustainability as simple and cost-effective as possible to promote its growth,” said Kennedy Ricci, President of 4AIR. “Using blockchain technology to transparently and permanently record the use of sustainable aviation fuel is an innovative application that will help users comply with regulations and volunteerism and provide greater transparency on the benefits of SAF as a way to reduce carbon emissions from climate-altering aircraft.”

Through this partnership between Directional and Alder Fuels, Flexjet will be AGC’s premier business aviation partner, advancing Flexjet towards its goal of having 12% of its annual fuel burn come from SAF by 2030.

“Flexjet has achieved carbon neutral flight operations for the past two years, purchasing credits to offset emissions from all flights booked by our aircraft owners worldwide,” said Michael Silvestro, Chief the management of Flexjet. “However, we wanted to take the next step, not only offsetting emissions, but actually reducing them directly in our operations by taking concrete action today. The use of SAF produced with the state-of-the-art greencrude from Alder will help us achieve this goal, maintaining our leadership in aviation sustainability, and the transparency tool developed by Alder Fuels and 4AIR will serve as a real-world proof of concept.

Recognizing that scaling up SAF is essential to achieving such aggressive climate goals, the White House launched the “SAF Grand Challenge”, with the goal of having 3 billion gallons of SAF produced in the United States by ‘by 2030, increasing to 35 billion gallons by 2050. Recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act amplifies the United States’ commitment to FAS by providing tax credits for every gallon product that demonstrates a 50% or greater reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions compared to petroleum-based jet fuel.

About Directional Aviation

Directional Aviation is a private investment company whose primary focus is private business aviation. Directional’s OneSky Flight portfolio of private jet travel providers includes shared/split jet ownership, jet card, membership, on-demand charter and vertical lift providers. Industry leaders representing MRO, private jet refurbishment, aviation parts distribution and more also make up the Directional family. Directional Aviation is paving the way for private aviation, worldwide. For more information, visit

About Alder Fuels

Alder Fuels is fueling the global clean energy transformation and the race to net zero through the conversion of natural biomass into low-carbon or carbon-negative Alder Greencrude (AGC). This green crude can then be converted into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), other low carbon fuels and chemicals using existing global refining equipment and infrastructure. Bryan Sherbacow, President and CEO of Alder Fuels, has a proven track record in the development and commercial deployment of new technologies, including the world’s first refinery designed to produce renewable aviation and military-grade fuels. Alder Fuels is backed by Honeywell UOP, United Ventures, AvFuel and Boeing and its technology has been validated by the US Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Energy (DOE) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). For more information, visit

About 4AIR

4AIR is an industry pioneer offering sustainability solutions beyond simple carbon neutrality. Its industry-first framework aims to address climate impacts of all types and provides a simplified and verifiable path for private aviation industry participants to achieve significant neutralization and reduction of emissions from aircraft. The 4AIR framework offers four tiers, each with specific science-based objectives, independently verified outcomes, and progressively greater sustainability impacts that make it easy for private aviation users to pursue sustainability through market access carbon, the use of sustainable aviation fuel, support for new technologies and other strategies. For more information, visit us at

About Flexjet

Flexjet entered the fractional aircraft ownership market in 1995. Flexjet offers fractional aircraft ownership and aircraft leasing. Its fractional aircraft program is the first in the world to be recognized as having achieved the Air Charter Safety Foundation’s industry audit standard, is the first and only company to be honored with 23 FAA Diamond Awards for Excellence , maintains an ARG/US Platinum safety rating, a 4AIR Bronze sustainability rating and is IS-BAO Level 2 compliant. In 2015, Flexjet launched Red Label by Flexjet, which includes the industry’s most modern fleet, dedicated single aircraft flight crews and the LXi Cabin interior collection. To date, there are more than 40 different interior designs in its fleet, which includes Embraer Phenom 300 and Praetor 500, Bombardier Challenger 350, Gulfstream G450 and G650. Flexjet’s European fleet includes the Embraer Praetor 600 and the Gulfstream G650. Flexjet’s private helicopter division sells split, lease and on-demand charter access to its fleet of owned and operated Sikorsky S-76s private helicopters serving sites throughout the Northeastern United States and Florida. Flexjet is a member of the Directional Aviation family of companies. For more details on innovative programs and flexible offerings, visit or follow us on Twitter @Flexjet and on Instagram @FlexjetLLC.

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