Discover the world’s first flying bike: the Xturismo Hoverbike

Step back a few decades and you might remember storytellers and fantasy writers envisioning the future, which involved flying cars and hovercraft. Aerwins Technologies Inc has to thank for bringing this fantasy to life with a vehicle that looks like something straight out of a Star Wars movie.

The Xturismo hoverbike is considered the world’s first flying bike, and it is absolutely breathtaking. You might think the all-new Xturismo is just proof-of-concept technology, but oh no, the hoverbike is up for sale, and it’s by no means a cheap buy. The company recently started accepting orders for its new beast, and it’s now on its way to the United States. You might get to work on one of these engines sooner than you think, but be prepared to shell out quite a bit of cash.

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The Xturismo Hoverbike: a design never seen before

The futuristic vehicle exudes an inventive design by carrying six fan blades – two mega blades front and rear, which help the bike get off the ground, and four smaller versions for easier steering. The hoverbike gets its power from four electric motors, which work alongside a regular gasoline engine, together giving the Xturismo a cruising range of 24.8 miles. The beautiful beast wears its slender curves in the sky like some sort of futuristic insect, and if that’s not something to talk about, we don’t know what is.

Although the manufacturer has yet to release the vehicle’s top speed, many have speculated that the hoverbike can travel at a top speed of 62 mph, and the madness doesn’t stop there. More impressively, the bike can fly for up to 40 minutes on a single charge, lifting up to 220 lbs in flight.

The world’s first hovercraft comes in black, red, and blue, and it’ll cost you $777,000. If you’re waiting for the Xturismo hoverbike to come out in the US, you’re in luck because it’s scheduled to hit the US in 2023. Of course, you’ll need plenty of spare cash to buy this one-of-a-kind engine, but if you don’t have a spare $777,000 in your wallet, you’re in luck too.

Arewins Technologies plans to release a smaller electric edition in 2025, at a much more reasonable price of $50,000. Yes, when you think about it, $50,000 is a lot of money for a bike, but at least its buyers won’t have to shell out more than three-quarters of a million dollars.

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The Xturismo is by no means road safe, I mean it’s not even road legal yet. When initially demonstrated the hoverbike was remote controlled, it will definitely need some street experience before this crazy vehicle becomes the norm, and we are all zooming in on it.

Aerwins Technologies founder Shuhei Komatsu believes that Xturismo buyers will buy the hoverbike for recreational purposes and governments will buy it for law enforcement and large infrastructure inspections. This shows how open the Xturismo hoverbike is to such a wide and varied market, not only can it be used as a cool talking point for the everyday person, but it can be put to good use when government projects. The hoverbike is just what the world needs right now, an exciting prospect of what the future might look like.

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The Xturismo Hoverbike: Could hovering be the new ride?

It may now seem unfeasible to think that in a short time we could all be riding around town on a hoverbike, but we are certainly getting closer to reality. Competing companies such as Aeromobil, Samson Sky and Jetson are also braving the aviation type of vehicles, with plans to make them ready for customers soon. Take Aeromobil for example, yeah the flying car looks pretty cool, but it doesn’t get the unique mega fans that help Xturismo propel itself into the sky. We’ve never seen anything like this hoverbike before, it’s one of a kind, and it certainly excites us for what the future holds.

It’s mind-boggling to think that one day hoverbikes and flying cars could take over our streets (although it might take a while). But it’s still pretty cool to see these futuristic vehicles come to life. Soon we may be living in a world where the Xturismo Hoverbike surpasses the countless Ford Rangers seen tearing up the roads. Who knows, maybe we’ll all be rolling around on an Xturismo sooner than expected.

Source: Aerwins

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