Edinburgh Airport to close to accommodate Queen Elizabeth II transport flight

LONDON – Edinburgh Airport will temporarily close operations today to accommodate Queen Elizabeth II’s transport flight to London.

It is understood the late monarch will rest in St Giles Cathedral until around 3/4pm. From there she will be transported to the airport for her flight to RAF Northolt later today.

An airport spokesperson said: “The airspace around Edinburgh Airport will temporarily close on Tuesday afternoon, but the airport remains open and operational.

“Passengers are reminded to check with their airline for any flight updates.”

Loganair also commented on the travel disruption this will cause:

“If you are flying with us to or from Edinburgh on Tuesday 13th September, some Loganair flights have been rescheduled or combined due to the late afternoon airport closure to allow for Sa’s final journey. Majesty the Queen from Scotland.”

“If your flight is impacted, we will email you today using the contact details in your booking.”

“If your flight is operating normally, please be aware that there will be several road closures and likely more traffic than normal, so please allow extra time.”

It is understood the coffin will arrive in London at 7pm UK time and will then continue to the center of the city where preparations will be made for the state funeral.

Which plane will fly the QEII to London?

At this stage, it is unclear which aircraft will bring the QEII back to London. Looking at data from RadarBox.com, we found some clues about this.

Three planes, either linked to the Royal Air Force or Royal VIP charters, arrived in Edinburgh yesterday.

We have KRF25, which arrived in Edinburgh at 1.56pm local time yesterday, followed by KRH21R at 12.32pm local time and RRR6892 at 9.08am local time.

Both KRH21R and KRF25 departed Scottish Airport on the same day, leaving RRR6892 still in Edinburgh.

That would make sense given that this flight is operated by the Royal Air Force’s C17 Globemaster aircraft, and can certainly get the coffin back to London.

ZZ177, the plane in question, has yet to leave Edinburgh, suggesting the plane will likely be the airframe of choice for the flight.

That being said, the runway at RAF Northolt is quite short, so they could either make a very light landing to achieve this, or a different aircraft will be used.

We also know that ZZ176 is also at Edinburgh Airport, which leaves the choice of the two cells in this respect.

Either way, be sure to stay tuned for more updates as we get them, with AviationSource aiming to provide live updates as the flight flies into London.

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