Eight car designed by Skoda students gets off to a good start and will be called Afriq

The eight Skoda concept cars designed by students of the Skoda Vocational School, which will be a rally version of the Skoda Kamiq urban SUV, have been named “Afriq”. The name is important because the vehicle commemorates the legendary Dakar Rally in Africa. It is also important because since the beginning of this year Skoda has been responsible for all the activities of the Volkswagen group in North Africa.

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For the eight student project, Skoda has partnered for the first time with the Motorsport division. The rally version of the Skoda Kamiq urban SUV, which serves as the basis for the student car, will take on the look of the vehicles participating in the legendary Dakar Rally.

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Skoda Afriq will be a 4,362 millimeter long vehicle with a wheelbase of 2,649 millimeters. With the support of Skoda Vocational School faculty, engineers and experienced employees from the fields of technical development, design and production, as well as the Motorsport team, the 25 apprentices integrate many ideas. new and unusual in their concept project.

The rally vehicle will be designed to participate in the annual Dakar Rally. The vocational students have already designed the exterior and interior of the vehicle in their sketches for the upcoming Skoda student car project.

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The rally vehicle has a distinct racing character, as experts from the motorsport division also supported the apprentices. The very first collaboration between Skoda motorsports and the Student Car project also marks the 120th anniversary of the automaker’s motorsport division.

The project was started in 2014 and since then every year a group of vocational school students have the opportunity to plan, develop and build a concept vehicle. Last year, a group of 20 students developed a Spider version of the Skoda Scala.

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