“Fatal Potential” – A frightening moment when a flying surfboard almost wipes out a car

Spooky footage captured the moment two surfboards flew off the roof of a range rover in Northland, nearly wiping out a tail car in the process.

On January 5, a range rover was heading south on State Highway 1 to Uretiti in Northland.

But during his trip, the load on his roof came loose.

The Dashcam of a car driving behind captured the revealing moment when the two surfboards on the car’s roof were thrown high into the air.

One of the surfboards rushed towards the car, forcing the driver to swerve as it backed away a few inches from the windshield.

The second surfboard crossed the center line, threatening oncoming cars.

The tail car’s dashcam also picked up rearview of the incident which shows more cars have to swerve with the surfboards strewn on the road to avoid crashing them.

Dashcam footage captured the moment two surfboards flew off in the back of a car, nearly hitting tail traffic. Photo / Facebook

Two surfboards collided with oncoming traffic, causing several cars to swerve. Photo / Facebook

The driver came within inches of being hit. Photo / Facebook

The man who was inches away from being hit told the Herald the incident could have turned out badly had he not swerved and believes the straps may have broken, freeing them boards.

“It would have hit us if I hadn’t swerved. We followed them for a while, so I suspect their ties and suspenders broke.”

Other footage showed the driver of the loose load stopping after losing his surfboard.

The dashcam footage was posted online where a number of viewers weighed in on the spooky incident.

“It’s final destination shit right there,” one person said.

The driver of the following car was also praised for his quick reactions in avoiding a very dangerous accident.

Another added: “One hell of a reaction saved a life-threatening accident.”

Waka Kotahi NZ transport agency spokesman Andy Knackstedt told the Herald that the incident in the video is a timely reminder to check that your cargo is safe and secure before traveling.

“It is very important that people take the time to make sure that whatever they are carrying on the roof of their vehicle, or in a trailer or on a rack, is properly and safe.

“Any large or heavy object that becomes detached from a vehicle traveling at high speed on the road can become a missile or a dangerous obstacle, endangering other road users.”

Knackstedt also said those who fail to secure their charges could face violation notices and heavy fines.

“It is also a legal obligation in New Zealand to ensure that any load you carry is secure and cannot fall or slip out of your vehicle or trailer. Anyone loading the vehicle has also the same responsibility – not just the driver.

“You may receive a $ 600 violation notice, or if you are sued in court, you may be fined up to $ 2,000 and disqualified for a period decided by the judge.”

– by Heath Moore, NZ Herald

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