Gulfstream unveils two new aircraft

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Gulfstream Aerospace on Monday evening unveiled two all-new business jets that join its portfolio of aircraft.

The president of the company unveiled the Gulfstream G400 and Gulfstream G800. He says these two new planes will create thousands of jobs in Savannah.

“I am so happy to welcome you both virtually from around the world and here in person at our corporate and global headquarters here in Savannah, Georgia.”

Gulfstream Aerospace President Mark Burns presented the two new aircraft, starting with a virtual tour of the G400. Gulfstream claims it improves environmental performance by reducing fuel consumption, emissions and noise.

The G800 debuted in person, being rode behind the crowd. Gulfstream claims the G800 will have the longest range of any aircraft they make.

“The local jobs in Savannah that will be created by these planes will number in the thousands. We have hired about three thousand people as I said so far this year. I think we have almost two thousand jobs that are open right now, ”Burns said.

Burns says as manufacturing of the new aircraft and flagship G700 continues to grow, job growth will continue as well.

“In our world, this doesn’t happen every day. It doesn’t happen every day in the aerospace industry, I can tell you. It’s a moment of great pride for Savannah, obviously for Gulfstream. But all of the work we do is a big milestone for the community, ”said Trip Tollison, President and CEO of SEDA.

G800 deliveries are expected to start in 2023 and the first G400 aircraft are expected to start delivery in 2025.

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