IAF scrambles jets after ‘bomb threat’ on Iranian civilian plane

New Delhi: The Indian Air Force on Monday dispatched its fighter jet following a bomb threat aboard an Iranian-registered civilian plane and tracked the aircraft from a safe distance, the official said. ‘IAF.

Mahan Air flight (IRM081), en route from Tehran in Iran to Guangzhou in China, NDTV reported. The plane reportedly requested permission to land in Delhi but was diverted to Jaipur.

“The plane was offered the option of landing at Jaipur and then Chandigarh. However, the pilot said he did not want to divert to either of the two airports,” the official said. ‘IAF in a statement.

“On October 3, reports were received of a bomb threat on an Iranian-registered airline as it transited through Indian airspace. IAF fighter jets were scrambled, which followed the aircraft from a safe distance,” he said.

After a while, Tehran was ordered to ignore the bomb threat, after which the plane continued on its journey to its final destination, he added. We learn that the destination of the plane was China.

“All actions were taken by the IAF in accordance with established procedure, in conjunction with the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Safety (BCAS),” the IAF said. .

He said the plane was under close radar surveillance by the Air Force throughout Indian airspace.

It is learned that air traffic control at Delhi airport remained in contact with the IAF when the plane was in Indian airspace.

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