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When you want to keep your car safe and dry, a garage is key. A covered garage provides protection from rain, dirt and sun damage, not to mention flying debris and animal droppings. Why birds flock to cars during target practice remains a big mystery.

Not everyone has access to a garage, so choose street parking carefully and take a chance. And maybe more cities will implement new ideas like those found in this video from the Interesting and Creative Designs YouTube channel.

In large Chinese cities, already crowded with people and buildings, an inventor has imagined a vertical carousel of cars with a very small footprint. Drivers enter the carousel, exit the car and clean the sensors as they exit, then the cars spin to make room for the next one.

One owner in the UK installed a sliding shelf, which pulls the car in and pushes it back out for use. The garage itself is barely large enough to hold the car, a Porsche 911, but requires the driver to enter and exit the car outside the garage. This allows for a secure place for the car with no contortion needed. Hyundai owners with the Smart Park option might find that they don’t even need the shelf, as the car can be parked in tight spaces with the remote.

In the movies, a particular superhero with an alias as a wealthy business owner shelters his cars underground. Viewers barely see the entrance as he zooms in, soon hidden from prying eyes. Real life, in fact, is not far away; some owners also create space under their house for their car collections.

One option uses a car-sized elevator that rises from the ground like a spawn. The driver moves forward on the lift, which disappears into the ground and deposits the car and driver in an underground multi-vehicle bunker. The only problem, it seems, is that if the homeowner has to get out of the garage quickly, they may be frustrated by having to wait for the machinations of the garage to be over.

To access another secret car bunker, an engineer has created a ramp system that works with hydraulic lifts. The driver approaches the location of the ramp, which opens from the ground to allow access. No word on the cost of a system like this, but it seems to fall into the “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” category.

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