ILA 2022: anti-aircraft variant of the Boxer vehicle

Skyguard 30 on the Boxer 8×8 platform

Photo. J.Sabak

Rheinmetall is showcasing its latest Skyguard 30 anti-aircraft system at ILA 2022 in Berlin, featuring a 30mm cannon. The system comes in the form of an integrated module on the APC Boxer (8×8). This can be an interesting offer for current users of the Boxer platform.

The Boxer anti-aircraft platform was fitted with the Skyguard 30 turret, based on the proven Skyguard 35 system which was lightened for increased mobility. Thanks to the use of a 30 mm autocannon, the turret now weighs less than 3 tons, although it accommodates the gun, sensors, control system and a twin SkyKnight SAM launcher with a range of 2 to 10 kilometers.

This overlaps the capability offered by the AAA system with the KCE autocannon with a rate of fire of 1,050 rounds per minute. The gun fires the 30×173 mm cartridge. This is a modernized variant of the gun designed for Saab Viggen. The effective range exceeds 3 kilometers, but the optimal engagement distance is set at 2 kilometers, corresponding to the minimum range of SkyKnight missiles.

Skyguard 30 on the Boxer 8×8 platform

Photo. J.Sabak

The system is controlled via a computer system incorporating a variety of sensors. These include both opto-electronic sensors, as well as five X- and Ku-band AESA radar antenna arrays, providing precise 360-degree coverage. This makes it possible to effectively counter drones, trailing munitions and other RAM threats, even in the terminal phase of their flight – thanks to the maximum barrel elevation reaching 85 degrees. Potential threats that the system can neutralize, particularly using SkyRanger missiles, also include helicopters and low-flying fixed-wing aircraft. The lethality of the system can also be enhanced with 30mm ABM ammunition developed by Rheinmetall.

The SkyGuard 30 system is also well protected. The whole system was placed in an armored turret which also includes 9 grenade launchers on each side, providing multispectral protection. These launchers are coupled to a radiation warning receiver, but they can also be operated manually.

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