Jet2 announces flights from Newcastle Airport to Verona, near Lake Garda

Jet2 has added an exciting city break destination that passengers can fly to from Newcastle next summer.

From summer 2023, Jet2 will launch a route from Newcastle International Airport to Verona in Italy. The historic town is a favorite for city breakers and is around 20 miles from Lake Garda.

“Surrounded by quaint little villages, majestic mountains and shorelines stretching over 90 miles, the coves and clear waters of Lake Garda make it an ideal place for windsurfing and swimming,” says Jet2.

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This follows announcements that Jet2 will operate flights from Newcastle to Prague, Rome and Krakow in 2023.

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays, said: “Customers and independent travel agents in the North East have told us that people are looking to the future and putting a much-needed city break on their agenda. As such, we are seeing strong demand for Summer 23 city breaks from Newcastle Airport and have responded to this by adding a brand new Summer 23 city break destination, as well as expanding our City Breaks program for sale from the ground up. .

“As the UK’s largest city break operator in Europe, our selection of city breaks for Summer 23 from Newcastle Airport offer fantastic choice and flexibility. We are anticipating a very successful summer as the allure of booking with a trusted company that customers can rely on proves to be hugely important.

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