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September 1, 2022 – TheNewswire – Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft are growing in popularity. Customers and investors are looking for cleaner and more environmentally friendly means of transport in the future.

Urban air mobility offers the solution because these electric planes have the ability to take off and land in small spaces, are relatively cheaper to operate, and allow consumers to avoid congested ground traffic. The best factor is that eVTOL aircraft are battery operated, making them carbon neutral.

Morgan Stanley analysts have suggested that the eVTOL market could be valued at over $1 trillion by 2040 and up to $9 trillion by 2050. The company also said that eVTOL can serve a wide range of markets, from passenger travel to military applications. to the transport of goods.

Here are five eVTOL companies to watch in 2022:

1. Joby Aviation ($JOBY)
Joby Aviation is a California-based transportation company developing an all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, which it intends to operate in fast, quiet, and convenient service in cities around the world.

The company recently announced an extension to its existing contract with the US Air Force’s Agility Prime program which increases the potential value of the contract by more than $45 million. The contract also expands the company’s defense partnerships to include the US Marine Corps, which will participate in government-led flight testing and use case exploration.

Joby’s engagement with government partners will reinforce the company’s primary goal of launching a commercial passenger service by providing access to testing facilities, first operational experience for government customers and partial compensation for research costs. and development of society.

Joby Aviation shares trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol JOBY.

2. Eve Holding ($EVEX)
With over 50 years of aerospace experience, Eve Holding takes a holistic approach to advancing the urban air mobility ecosystem. The company has an advanced eVTOL project, a comprehensive global service and support network, and a unique air traffic management solution.

Eve Holding plans to conduct its first North American simulation of urban air mobility using helicopters powered by Blade Air Mobility (NASDAQ listing: BLDE), replacing an eVTOL. The company aims to study the operations, ground services, passenger journeys and needs of eVTOL operators, creating more accessible and faster connections through downtown Chicago. The company will conduct its Chicago UAM simulation over a three-week period, beginning with ground testing and passenger flights.

Shares of Eve Holding trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol EVEX.

3. Vertical Aerospace ($EVTL)
Vertical Aerospace was founded in 2016 by Stephen Fitzpatrickr. Over the past five years, the company has been focused on building the most experienced and experienced team in the eVTOL industry.

Vertical Aerospace recently announced a partnership with Babcock International to explore new applications for the company’s VX4 eVTOL aircraft. Babcock has over thirty-five years of EMS experience, flying thousands of missions each year around the world. The new partnership will examine the possibilities of using the VX4 in vital services such as accident management and emergency transport between hospitals.

The VX4 aircraft has also proven itself in passenger markets with established customers such as Virgin Atlantic, Avolon, Bristow and Iberojet.

Vertical Aerospace shares trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol EVTL.

4. Archer Aviation ($ACHR)
Archer Aviation, based in Santa Clara, Calif., designs and develops eVTOLs for use in strategic urban air mobility networks. Archer’s goal is to move people around the world’s cities quickly, safely, sustainably and cost-effectively.

The company recently announced the successful completion of its “critical azimuth” flight tests, marking the completion of the second of three key phases of flight testing. The purpose of these tests is to validate the crosswind capabilities of Archer’s eVTOL aircraft configuration and flight control systems. The company has now managed to fly Maker at increasing speeds of up to 15 knots in various directions and attitudes.

Archer Aviation shares trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol ACHR.

5. Lilium ($LILM)
Lilium is accelerating the decarbonization of air transport with planned launch networks announced in Germany, the United States and Brazil. The company says its Lilium Jet offers peak capacity, low noise and high performance with zero operating emissions.

The company recently selected Diehl Aviationa leading supplier of cabin interiors and systems to the aviation industry, to collaborate on the design and development of Lilium’s jet cabin, as well as to act as an integrator and manufacturer of interior components .

LIlium shares trade on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol LILM.

Investors agree that eVTOL, whether used for consumers or freight, could be the future of the aviation industry. Below are additional eVTOL actions to watch out for:

  • Ehang (NASDAQ) listing: HE)

  • Blade Air Mobility (NASDAQ listing: BLDE)

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