Late summer heat wave hits Colorado

DENVER – Near-record, if not record-breaking, heat will continue around Colorado for much of this week.

Around the Front Range, off-season temperatures will remain in the upper 90s, with some places in the Eastern Plains reaching up to 100 degrees, according to the Boulder National Weather Service. That’s about 12 to 18 degrees above normal for this time of year, the NWS reported.

This heat, in addition to the dry conditions, will bring a high threat of wildfire, the NWS said.

“Unseasonably warm temperatures combined with relative humidity values ​​falling into the lower teens across much of the region will result in near critical fire weather conditions on Tuesday,” the NWS reported.

However, winds are expected to remain light – no stronger than 25 mph.

The NWS office in Pueblo warned that Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be the hottest days of the week in the region. Isolated thunderstorms and showers are possible near the mountains.

Almost record heat the next few days

On the West Slope, the Grand Junction NWS said precipitation is also possible every day this week in the San Juan Mountains, but record-breaking heat will persist for the next few days.

Across the state, the heat will begin to dissipate late in the week and on weekends.

The NWS said Thursday was the last chance for record heat this week. Denver International Airport’s record on Thursday is 94 degrees, so the likelihood of that record being broken is “very high,” the NWS said.

On Thursday, Coloradans might also notice more smoke in the air — it’s coming from the many fires north of the Rockies, the NWS reported.

United States Air Quality Index

The screenshot of the US Air Quality Index smoke map shows current smoke patterns as of September 5 just before 4 p.m.

That evening, a cold front will creep into the state, bringing much cooler temperatures on Friday and Saturday. Saturday’s temperatures may not even exceed 70 degrees around Denver, the NWS said. Light precipitation is possible from Friday evening to Saturday.

Drier and warmer conditions will return on Monday with highs near 90 degrees.

The NWS recommends staying hydrated throughout the day and avoiding strenuous activity outdoors when temperatures are this high.

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