Lexus Hedge End uses a drone to take viewers flying through the showroom

A CAR dealership used drone footage to capture all aspects of the Businessincluding a flight through the building and a peek inside the vehicles.

Lexus Hedge End wanted the one-take tour to be an immersive experience, giving viewers the feeling of flying around the center.

The showroom’s website also has a behind-the-scenes film showing how the footage was captured.

The film was created by drone operator Sam Butcher, a first-person flight (FPV) specialist. The process began two weeks before shooting day with risk assessment and route planning, which included difficult transitions through narrow openings, different elevations and atmospheric conditions.

On the day of filming, the Lexus Center was expected to remain open to the public and operate as normal, so the flight was timed to ensure no one was endangered.

The drone was tailor-made for the film, designed to be able to fly through open car windows while still being powerful enough to carry its battery and GoPro Hero 8 high definition camera.

FPV drones are typically flown at speeds of around 80mph when capturing footage of a moving car, but for the Hedge End filming the drone weighed less than 250g and flew at just over the pace of the walk.

Mr Butcher said: “The hardest part of filming was when it was really windy and we had to fly over the cars parked outside and through a very narrow gate. Transitioning from battling against the wind to moving through a static environment while maintaining flowing footage was definitely the biggest challenge. »

FPV filming requires Mr. Butcher to wear special goggles similar to a virtual reality headset.

He was able to pass the drone diagonally through the front and rear windows of a Lexus IS car on the showroom mezzanine while sitting in the back of another vehicle on the ground floor. -pavement.

Members of the production crew acted as spotters to warn of any danger outside his line of sight.

Mr Butcher said: “My favorite part of the film is the sequence where he moves downstairs, onto the mezzanine, then over the car onto the lift and up to the used car area. .”

Paul Wilde, spokesperson for Lexus Hedge End, said: “We believe this drone tour offers a unique perspective on the layout and welcoming environment of a typical Lexus center and will give our visitors a good sense of what to expect when they come to us. We believe this aerial filming has great potential to provide glimpses of other Lexus centers across the country.

The Lexus Car Dealership – FPV Drone Fly Through video can be found on the Lexus UK YouTube channel.

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