Lithuanian MP says West must send Ukraine interceptor planes and early warning radars

It is the responsibility of the democratic world to immediately provide Ukraine with air defense systems or interceptor aircraft and early warning radars.

This was stated by Deputy Speaker of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, Paulius Saudargas, who made a comment to guild housereports Ukrinform.

“Recent attacks on innocent people and ordinary towns in Ukraine have once again confirmed that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Russia is a terrorist state. This is the balance sheet of the democratic world,” said the parliamentarian.

“And our responsibility and our duty is to immediately provide Ukraine with everything necessary to win the war against a worthless aggressor, in particular air defense systems, interceptor aircraft and early warning radars. “, summed up the vice-president of the Lithuanian Seimas, according to a report delivered in Russian.

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Earlier, the head of the Center for Defense Reforms, coordinator of the interdepartmental platform for countering hybrid threats, operating within the framework of Ukraine-NATO cooperation, Oleksandr V. Danylyuk said that in response to the Russian missile terrorism, the West should transfer F -16 fighters and early detection aircraft to Ukraine.

Calls to provide Ukraine with warplanes in response to acts of missile terrorism have also been made in the parliaments of France, the Czech Republic and the European Parliament.

Thus, the French senator, chairman of the defense committee of the French Senate, Guillaume Gontard, said that Ukraine needs air and missile defense systems to protect the civilian population and critical infrastructure. According to the legislator, against the background of the intensification of Russian missile strikes, the West is responsible for delivering the necessary weapons to Ukraine.

French MEP Rafael Glucksmann noted that Ukraine should immediately receive F16 fighter jets, as well as modern air defense systems, to intercept Russian cruise missiles.

In turn, Martin Exner, a member of the Czech Senate from the ruling STAN party, said the West should transfer fighter jets to Ukraine to intercept Russian cruise missiles, as well as provide all the weapons necessary to repel the Russian assault.

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