Microsoft Flight Simulator F-22 Raptor launched; Boeing 757 and Belfast Airport get new screenshots

Today, the third-party developers had a relevant aircraft build in store for Microsoft Flight Simulator and new assets to share.

We start with Top Match Studios, which released its F-22A Raptor.

This top fighter can be purchased from the Just Flight store for $35.99. Below is a full list of features and a trailer.

Custom-programmed simulated fly-by-wire control system for virtually worry-free flight control

  • Auto-trim / pitch control
  • G-limiter
  • Roll rate limiter
  • yaw limiter
  • Synthesized thrust vector performance and pitch handling with smooth control responses up to 90 degree angle of attack and controllability at 20 knots or less without stall effects
  • Using new computational fluid dynamics modeling to improve aerodynamic responses
  • Highly resistant to controlled flight output throughout the flight envelope
  • Precise and stable flight control at high altitudes up to 60,000 feet and above
  • Take-off/approach mode (gear down) provides more manageable control for virtually effortless handling during take-off and landing approaches
  • Custom modeled automatic shutter system
  • Accurate modeling of take-off, approach and landing speeds
  • Possibility of aerobatic maneuvers at low speed / high alpha; J-turns, cranksets, power loop etc.

Fully customized and highly detailed 3D cockpit modeling with:

  • Highly detailed modeling and texturing of the cockpit, control panel and ICP/HUD module
  • Detailed model of the ejection seat
  • Highly detailed Heads-Up Display (HUD) based on Air Force specs and real-world F-22A primary HUD navigation mode display
  • Fully functional SMFD and PMFD (using fully custom instrument suite) including moving map, custom traffic display, fuel menu, store management, etc.
  • Fully functional and customized ICP module with many features and functions
  • Interior canopy reflections and rain effects
  • Most buttons, dials and switches are animated and many are functional
  • Full suite of essential autopilot and navigation controls
  • Functional engine management controls in the SMFDs and in the cockpit
  • Full cockpit lighting and HUD lighting controls, including normal lighting and lighting color compatible with simulated night vision goggles
  • Custom speed and angle of attack gauges (to fix default gameplay inaccuracies)
  • Many additional custom displays and gauges with CAS messages and alert system
  • Included “hidden” G3000 navigation display to allow in-flight flight planning and heading changes

Detailed custom 3D exterior model

  • Highly detailed 3D exterior model
  • Detailed and highly accurate custom texturing including metallic, semi-metallic, and non-metallic surface texturing effects
  • Animation sequences and conditional animation for all flight controls
  • Detailed, fully animated landing gear and extend/retract sequence with motion sequences and precise timing
  • Weapon bay door animations and missile rail animations
  • Optional magazine configuration available to simulate the loading, placement and display of 6 AIM 120D missiles and 2 Aim 9X missiles (non-MSFS Marketplace version only)
  • Optional detailed drop tank models displayed to simulate 2 x 600 gallon external fuel loads
  • Custom dynamic visual effects including condensation and g-steam effects, afterburner flame and lighting effects, engine starter flame/smoke and more
  • Cool and dark visual modeling features (boarding ladder, removal before flight labels, etc.) controlled by the user
  • Thrust vector animations with animated afterburner flame effect
  • Pilot figure (can be optionally displayed when plane is cold/dark)
  • Custom canopy reflections and tints
  • Complete exterior lighting systems include custom landing and taxi lighting, electroluminescent formation lighting, navigation lights and beacons, all modeled after the actual aircraft, with lighting positions and a correct timing
  • Three detailed liveries (Langley, Hickam and Elmendorf)

Engine and performance modeling based on USAF specifications

  • Accurate fuel weights and quantities (includes extra fuel to simulate 2 x 600 gallon ferry drop tanks)
  • Engine model tuned to realistic specifications for thrust and performance
  • Fuel consumption modeled to real-world specifications in dry thrust and afterburner
  • Drag and lift model matched to estimated specifications
  • Maximum speed of Mach 2.4+ (will reach or exceed Mach 2.6) at optimum altitude
  • Super cruise capability of Mach 1.7+ at optimum altitude
  • High altitude supersonic ascent
  • Incredible acceleration rates at maximum throttle
  • Supersonic capability to 60,000+ feet
  • Service ceiling modeled at approx. 70,000 feet
  • Accurate fuel consumption and maximum range at all altitudes (not based on the default simulation turbine model, but customized to improve fuel consumption and turbine thrust accuracy)

Other features and elements included

  • VR headset compatible
  • User’s manual with essential “how to” guide and guide to performing aerobatic maneuvers seen by live demos from Raptor Demo Team
  • A ‘No-FBW’ model compatible with keyboard-only operation and non-standard command entry devices. A completely separate flight physics model based on the native Asobo FBW module, but which performs almost as well as the standard model.
  • Three custom liveries with markings for real-world aircraft from Elmendorf AFB in Alaska, Langley AFB in Virginia, and Hickam AFB in Hawaii. Other liveries will be developed and released for free and/or included in future updates.
  • Custom sound set using real-world F-22A sound samples, custom sounds, and the use of native SuperHornet sounds for specific effects
  • Developer commitment to provide a variety of future model improvements and upgrades based on community feedback

Next, we get two more in-progress images of the Boeing 757-200 and 300 in the works at Bluebird Simulations. The developer focused on the finer details under the belly and nose, as you can see below.

Finally, Pyreegue has provided new screenshots of its upcoming Belfast International Airport (EGAA) in Northern Ireland.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S. A free 40th Anniversary Edition with lots of goodies was recently announced.

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