Moonbikes and flying Formula 1 cars

If MACA entrepreneurs get what they hoped for at CES, motorsport enthusiasts may soon be watching races featuring the MACA Flying Formula 1 Car. The fast and futuristic vehicle is called a “Carcopter”. It could change motorsport, at least that’s what its creators think.

Very different but the same, Nicolas Muron, founder and CEO of Moonbikes ( believes that its electric snowmobiles will be a new way of getting around on snowmobile trails and on private land.

The MACA flying Formula 1 racing car was presented at the recent CES rally in Las Vegas.

Both new vehicles were presented at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The principles involved are my guests in this episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Co-host Bruce Aldrich is the producer of this episode in Sacramento. I attended the show and spoke with our guests on the first night of the three day gathering called CES Unveiled.

With the slogan “The future is in the air”, MACA (, still a prototype, is an airspeed machine that the aviation mastermind hopes will become the first flying (piloted) hydrogen Formula 1 car. It is billed with a top speed of 153 miles per hour.

Former fighter pilot Thierry de Boisvilliers and former Airbus executive Michael Krollak are the creators of the hydrogen racing car. They hope that by 2023, the races will be staged by pilots in lightweight double-bladed helicopter vehicles that will fly over the tracks.

The pending idea is an effort to reduce carbon emissions produced by traditional combustion engines on the Formula 1 track.

“We developed this because we really want to use this technology faster by using hydrogen,” said de Boisvilliers. “The vehicle is seven meters (23 feet) long and there is a pilot on board. We’ll be driving the first one by the end of 2022, we’re doing all the EAs and we’re developing the racing concept. “

The new Moonbike, a new winter transport vehicle, was presented at the recent CES presentation in Las Vegas.
The new Moonbike, a new winter transport vehicle, was presented at the recent CES presentation in Las Vegas.

Muron, who describes himself as an “automobile and technology lover,” believes winter recreation enthusiasts needed an alternate mode of transportation. The Moonbike range was developed during the winter of 2015 when the inventor visited his grandparents’ house in the small village of Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce in the French Alps.

Snowmobiles are too noisy and emit too much pollution. The idea of ​​Muron’s Moonbike, a “silent sled”, was born.

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