Nations Collide in New Action-Packed Music Video for ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

via Marvel Studios

Wakanda is at war in the latest promotional clip released by movie ticketing company Fandango. A preview of the supposedly epic sequel to Black Panther, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever shows the fictional MCU nations of Wakanda and Talokan at their throats like no clip we’ve seen so far, and promises battle footage we haven’t seen in the MCU since Infinity War.

The clip shows the citizens of Birnin Zana, the capital of the African nation of Wakanda, doing all they can to keep their heads above water as raging floods, presumably triggered by the Talokans, roar through the streets from the city. We see Dora Milaje’s Okoye and Aneka take defensive action against the water-breathing Talokan invaders as Shuri rushes through the city in a Wakandan flying vehicle trying to pull people out of the rising waters. We also see M’baku confronting a Talokan warrior, defeating him with his staff and defiantly pounding his chest.

The Talokans are the MCU analogue of the Atlantean race from the Marvel comic book series. Although like their comic book source, they possess blue skin and oxygen rebreathers that allow them to fight on the surface, the Talokans draw inspiration from pre-Columbian and Mesoamerican traditions. The Talokans are led by the highly anticipated Prince Namoralthough he is not seen in the clip.

While only the few who have seen the film will know what triggers the conflict, it’s safe to assume that this moment won’t be the only element of the battle to feature in the film. Indeed, with nearly three hours of battery life, it’s probably barely scratching the surface of what appears to be an all-out war between two of the most powerful MCU nations.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever debuts in theaters on November 11.

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