Perform random doping test on personnel: DGCA to aircraft operators: The Tribune India

Mukesh Ranjan

Tribune press service

New Delhi, September 27

Civil aviation regulator DGCA today issued a final order requiring all scheduled commercial aircraft operators to conduct random drug tests on flight crew members and air traffic controllers with a view to limit the possible use of psychoactive substances, including amphetamine, methamphetamine, cannabis, opioids and others, by aviation personnel.

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) declared in his decree: “The rules will enter into force on January 31, 2022 and will apply to aircraft operators engaged in commercial operations, maintenance and repair organizations, flight and air navigation training organizations. service providers. “

In the order, the DGCA said that, as part of the program, operators must ensure that at least 10 percent of employees are covered in one year while testing for drug addiction. While the aviation regulator is already examining aviation personnel using breath analyzers to check the alcohol content in their bodies before starting flights, a senior official said the latest measurement was to ensure the safety of passengers and planes.

“The global spread of the use of psychoactive substances, their general availability and the ever-increasing number of addicted users are a serious concern for aviation safety. Their use causes behavioral, cognitive and physiological changes. This manifests itself in dependence, major health problems and a negative effect on performance, ”declared the DGAC in the decree on civil aviation requirements (CAR) of September 27, 2021.

“Organizations need to ensure that all employees have an equal chance of being tested each time the selection is made. Specific individuals or groups should not be targeted, including certain locations, ”a senior official said. “All positive cases had to be reported to the DGAC within 24 hours. If the drug test is positive, the employee will be immediately removed from his security sensitive duties until a confirmation report is received, ”the DGCA said.

“In the event of a positive confirmation test for the first time, the employee concerned will be referred to the detoxification center. In the event that a person, who has resumed safety-sensitive functions after testing negative and is again found positive in the confirmatory test, that person’s license will be suspended for three years and for the third time positive, the license will be canceled, ”the regulator said.

The rules will take effect from January 31

  • DGCA says operators must ensure at least 10 percent of employees are covered in one year while testing for drug addiction
  • All positive cases had to be reported to the DGAC within 24 hours
  • The move was initiated to ensure the safety of passengers and planes
  • The Director General of Civil Aviation said: “The rules will come into effect from January 31. “
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