Russia plans to build 1,000 planes by 2030, using local parts

In the wake of Russian aggression in Ukraine, Western nations responded by implementing harsh sanctions designed to effectively kill the aerospace industry in the former Soviet country.

Although Russia is considered a major player in the aerospace industry, its domestic market is dominated by Airbus and Boeing. The two aircraft manufacturers hold a 95% market share in the country. In March, Interesting engineering reported that Russia quickly enacted laws allowing these planes to fly and obtain airworthiness certificates locally as well.

However, as the conflict has dragged on, these measures are insufficient and Russia needs a long-term plan to keep the planes in the air.

Russia’s ambitious goal of autonomy

Under Vladimir Putin, Russia’s aerospace industry has found new vigor after the state aerospace company, Rostec, which was founded in 2007. Today, Russia’s only civilian aircraft manufacturer has decided it will respond to all industry needs, and the aircraft manufactured abroad will be removed from the fleet of Russian airlines.

In responses sent to Reuters, the company said it did not see Airbus and Boeing planes being delivered to Russia in the future and embarked on a journey to build new planes with locally made parts. . Rostec will begin this process by replacing imported parts such as Pratt & Whitney engines on MS-21 medium-range aircraft.

It will also manufacture 20 new aircraft each year of its Superjet-new regional jet starting in 2024. By 2030, Rostec plans to manufacture 142 Superjet News, 270 MS-21, 70 Il-114 turboprops, 70 medium-range Tu- 214. aircraft as well as 12 jumbo jets, Il-96.

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