Russian troops to obtain VSHORAD Gibka-S systems in 2022

russian troops are provided to receive their first Gibka-S Very Short Range Air Defense Systems (VSHORAD) from next year. Serial production of Gibka-S began this month after successfully completing state testing in December 2019.

Gibka-S is the first vehicle-mounted VSHORAD system produced in the country. It was developed by the public defense company KB Mashinostroyeniya.

The weapon system is mounted on the wheeled chassis of the Tigr armored vehicle line and developed to attack targets that are not detected by defensive radars such as drones, helicopters and ground attack aircraft.

The air defense system is armed with four Igla, Igla-S or Verba missiles.

The VSHORAD Gibka-S was designed to protect deployed and marching units from the threat of low- and ultra-low-level aircraft day and night. It can counter planes, helicopters, drones, cruise missiles and high precision weapons flying at low or very low altitude.


The system is mounted on the 9А332 combat vehicle, a derivative of the Tigr-M all-terrain tactical vehicle.

During testing, the vehicle has proven its effectiveness against aerial targets while moving at a speed of up to 30 kilometers per hour. The armored vehicle is designed to carry operators of portable air defense systems as well as a missile payload and associated equipment.

It can be used to mount a wide range of weapon systems, communications, electronic warfare, and other combat equipment.

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