Seabury Solutions welcomes Sky Airline to growing Alkym customer base to support maintenance processes

The Chilean airline chooses the Alkym® platform to control and manage its technical operation.

CÓRDOBA, Argentina, November 04, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Seabury Solutions, a market leader in information technology solutions for the aviation industry, today announced the addition of Sky Airline, Chile to its growing user base. from Alkym.

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Seabury Solutions welcomes Sky Airline to Alkym’s growing customer base to support maintenance processes (Photo: Business Wire)

“Through a meticulous evaluation process, Sky Airline selected Alkym from Seabury Solutions to replace their current aircraft maintenance management tool. We are proud to have been chosen by the region’s most well-known customer for its innovation, its growth and its adaptive business model.Our teams are currently working on an implementation project that will surely conclude successfully,” said Vice President of Sales for Latin America, Manuel Roche.

“As engineering and maintenance managers, we could not ignore the huge digital transformation process that the company is undergoing. All internal processes and passenger-related processes are automated and the airline is experiencing a remarkable growth.Through this, we have sought to replace our current Management Information System (MIS) with a new system capable of supporting our growth and the new challenges we face as an airline. will streamline all of our maintenance processes and therefore simplify our daily work and interaction with our “skyers” through the system. The evaluation process to choose the new system was very thorough. Before launching tender, each department that interacted in one way or another with the system was consulted to make an internal list of prerequisites; this way we were able to meet the diverse needs of our local customers. Alkym stood out as meeting most of these prerequisites while being willing to fulfill all remaining requirements in the medium term,” remarked Cecil Davidson Tölg, Sky’s Maintenance and Engineering Manager.

Real. Davidson continues to comment, “One of the most important features we need from our new GIS is the ability to work outside of the office and via smart devices, which means it needs mobile capability. , provided by Alkym.It is also very intuitive, which makes it easy to use and gives us the possibility of improving the processes of execution and management of our production areas.Finally, it is important to mention that Seabury has showed flexibility throughout the process and worked tirelessly to find a solution that suited our needs We are sure that the implementation process will bring us many advantages to develop and streamline our maintenance processes; thus, Alkym will support us in achieving one of our company’s objectives, which is to continue to progress towards a complete digital transformation of our process.”

“It is always gratifying to welcome a customer with such fleet growth like Sky Airline, which already has 28 aircraft and expects more in the near future. It means we are well on our way to becoming the solution for The most comprehensive M&E in the market, something we have been striving to do for 20 years There will be other airlines and MROs that eventually move away from their existing and outdated M&E solution, and we will be there too to welcome them,” said Seabury Solutions Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing, Carlos Bianchi.



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