Sparks fly as ‘stolen’ car flies through the air before igniting in Perth

The dramatic moment an allegedly stolen car flew through the air and caught fire in Perth has been filmed.

video surveillance, as seen in the video above, captured the moment the high-speed Mitsubishi Lancer veered on the wrong side of Wilmont Drive in Cooloongup on Tuesday night.

The vehicle then crashes, before flying in the air, turning around several times.

In its path of destruction, the Lancer pulled out a utility pole, before landing in an elderly man’s front yard and catching fire.

After the accident, broken power lines can be seen outside the house.

The car was seen flying through the air. Credit: 7NEWS

Moments later, a person is seen limping away from the stage.

Witnesses said the driver escaped just before police and firefighters arrived.

The Lancer was reportedly stolen in a heist at Silver Sands last week.

The car caught fire.
The car caught fire. Credit: 7NEWS

In another case, a Jones family in Hilbert had their car stolen on Wednesday.

Two men broke into the house from the laundry room and stole the keys from the kitchen bench, just yards from where Karlie Jones’ two young children were sleeping.

One person was seen fleeing the crash site.
One person was seen fleeing the crash site. Credit: 7NEWS

“For my part, I feel really very angry but also very scared about how this just happened,” she told 7NEWS.

“It’s wasted Christmas because now we can no longer feel safe in our own home.”

This year alone, there have been over 4,500 cars stolen in Washington State and 15,000 homes broken into.

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