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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of cleanup. Trax Analytics’ smart toilet system collects data from airport washrooms to help operational teams create cleaning plans and support an airport-wide data-driven cleaning approach. The system can also help plan future airport improvement projects.

“Many airports and facilities management companies use our smart toilet module to know when to clean, how to clean and where to clean,” said Patrick Trevino, vice president of sales and marketing for Trax Analytics.

“COVID has definitely underlined the importance of cleanliness, disinfection, the importance for people to feel safe in an establishment and all that being said, our system is designed to meet these demands”, a- He continued, citing the technology can scan all touch points in the toilet, monitor consumables and give frontline workers the information they need to perform their cleaning tasks effectively.

The smart toilet system tracks a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as passenger flow, passenger feedback, how and when employees clean the toilet, etc. Airports can export reports on this data or view the data on live dashboards.

Each airport’s needs are different, which is why Trax Analytics offers fully customizable plans to its customers. Some airports choose to give each employee their own smart device to monitor their cleaning while others opt for Bluetooth technology in the form of badges and BLE cords.

“One of the greatest values ​​of our system is that it is both software and hardware independent,” Trevino said. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. We work closely with the client to identify their unique use cases and write a plan to help improve their operations. If the operation requires everyone to have a device, then we can use that process and that workflow. If this is not feasible for an airport, we offer other solutions.

The smart toilet system can be adapted to the needs of large-scale airports or smaller airports, according to Trevino. Large central airports like Hartsfield-Jackson, LaGuardia and Houston Airport Systems all use smart toilet technology from Trax Analytics, but smaller airports are also starting to express interest.

“One of the biggest misconceptions when someone hears the terms data analytics, systems integration, or IoT is that it has to be a massive, ongoing upfront investment. . However, the opposite may be true, ”Trevino said. “We have successfully delivered customized modules and solutions to customers who just want to start their process of digitizing their cleaning operations. A large portion of our customers plan to start small and then expand into larger scale IoT programs and our teams are experts in handling this process for them.

The smart toilet system is not only used to measure toilet cleanliness, but can also help in airport planning projects.

“Because our system is able to monitor staff activity as they enter and leave the washroom, live passenger traffic, and cleaning times, this data can be used effectively to understand the amount of devices or of square footage required, if they are staffed sufficiently. and whether the airport has the right operational plan in place to improve cleanliness. This is especially important as travel begins to increase, forcing an airport to reassess its operational and staffing plans, ”Trevino said.

He said some airports use the data to understand how many bathrooms are needed in an airport building and whether the bathrooms are large enough. The smart toilet system can even determine if there are constant wait times to use the stalls, especially in the female toilet.

“This data is all collected and analyzed by our team. Because there is so much value in the data we collect, whether for airport planning or operational management, it is important to provide our customers with a team to support them throughout the duration of the contract. . We have a Customer Success division in our organization that works closely with stakeholders to help process this data and then make it actionable. We believe in real-time data analysis, as well as historical and predictive data to provide a holistic view of an operation and our teams are equipped to provide advice to clients throughout the process, ”said Trevino .

Trax Analytics has also partnered with a third-party company to develop contactless technology to help passengers provide their toilet status opinion.

“This is not required hardware and it is strictly just an NFC [Near Field Communication] tag that sends a push notification to an individual’s device, ”Trevino said. “It’s the same technology you would see at the Mall of America. When negative information is collected, it is also broadcast in the form of a cleaning alert or dispatch for someone to immediately mitigate the problem.

Trax Analytics is also working to expand its cleaning and tracking capabilities to other areas of the airport.

“Last year, we launched one of our newest modules, Clean and Inspect, which works in conjunction with smart toilets to give airport operators the ability to monitor performance across the board. ‘installation. Our solution and offerings no longer limit customers to focusing only on toilet cleaning, but can now use the same solution to manage cleaning and quality control in every area of ​​the facility.

CleanConnect is another module that will connect important janitorial assets across the facility with work order management and facility mapping.

“We can show airport managers where their assets are, where their team is located, and allow the front line to open and close work orders seamlessly by dropping a pin on a map. Our integration into an airport’s corporate system allows concierge teams to open a maintenance work order without having to directly access the EAP system, ”said Trevino.

“Our goal is really to provide a positive experience for passengers, from the moment they get out of their car until the moment they get on that plane. There are different ways to impact them in a positive way and improve their journey through the terminal. So now we’re taking a look at the technology in such a granular way as ‘find out what this booth does’ to ‘let’s see if your PMing needs servicing for your baggage claim belts,’ he concluded.


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