This Week’s ‘Flying Horse’ Theme: If I Had $ 100 | Flying horse

Fun money: If I had $ 100 I would buy a Fairview water park membership. I would also buy food. Finally, I would also buy Robux and V-bucks for video games.

Help the homeless: I would do the obvious and not spend it on myself. I would spend it on blankets and food for the homeless. I feel so bad for them. I also tried to make them smile because who knows when that was the last time they smiled. I want to make a difference for them, and I hope you will!

Help others: If I had $ 100 I would use it to give food and water to homeless children and adults and help them have a comfortable place to live. I would also use it to allow my dad to visit Donald Trump.

Lego technique: If I had $ 100 I would buy the biggest Lego Technic ever! It would be a racing car. I have the Porsche car, and it works like a real vehicle! It’s so much fun to build because it’s a challenge. I would combine my money with the $ 100 and then I could buy it. It would be great to get your hands on another.

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Share with sister: I was going shopping at the mall to buy some snacks for my sister and I to share in the car. We also bought drinks for our homework. I have fun with my sister; we talk to each other.

Buy lots: If I had $ 100 I would buy food, toys, weapons, a playground, Legos, and a Roblox guy.

Choices: If I had $ 100 I would go to the store and buy whatever I want. Or I would go to a fancy restaurant and spend it.

Save, spend: If I had $ 100 I would save it so I could buy a house and a car. Or I would buy a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

For the poor: If I had $ 100, I would give it to the poor.

Cubs game: If I had $ 100, I would buy tickets to go to a Cubs game with my grandfather. Then we would go get pizza and ice cream. It would be so, so, so much fun.

Cleaning: If I had $ 100, I would give some of the money to someone in need. But other than that I would spend it on stuff for me like food and cleaning supplies because I love to clean. I would also buy everything on the menu in dollars. Then I would spend the last bit in college.

College funds: If I had $ 100, I would keep it for college in order to graduate from college. You need a lot of money to get into college. I would give the money to someone else so they could go to college too.

Invest: If I had $ 100, I would ask my mom an extra $ 10 for Walmart stock. Then once I had enough money I would buy more stocks and so on. Then once I’m rich, I’ll buy a puppy, a cat, a mansion, and a lifetime supply of ice cream.

Mom help: If I had $ 100, I would buy food because I have a large family. There are eight people in it. My mom always buys it with her own money. She should use some of it for herself.

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Help the zoo: If I had $ 100, I would give the zoo half the money. I would also take a car. I want a car because I want to drive. I’ll keep it in my garage.

Commodity: If I had $ 100, I would buy Dude Perfect merchandise. I would like a basketball, football or clothes from them. I love their merchandise because it represents them, and they’re cool, funny, and they hit hard. Also, I would go to Dairy Queen and buy myself lunch with my friends.

Good causes: If I had $ 100, I would donate $ 50 to Home Sweet Home Ministries and $ 50 to the Humane Society. These are good causes. They help people and animals find good homes.

Questions: If I had $ 100, I would spend it to be an artist. What would you do if you had $ 100? I would go to the restaurant. Could I have a new car if I had $ 100?

Nerf gun: If I had $ 100 I would donate $ 50 and use the remaining $ 50 to buy a brand new Nerf gun. Not the ones that shoot long, slow, blue and orange bullets, but the one that shoots yellow, swishy bullets.

Save the: What would you do if you had $ 100? If I had that money, I would put some in the bank. I would put some in the bank because they donate more money, and I would need it when I get older. With this money, I would also buy things for my family.

For a dog: If I had $ 100, I would buy a dog. I would also take that $ 100 to buy dog ​​food and a dog crate.

Spend it: If I had $ 100, I would buy candy. I would also buy cookies. I would also buy water.

Hard life: If I had $ 100, I would give it to the poor or the homeless because most of them have no money or food. Some of them don’t have families, but others do, and it’s really difficult. So either would be really difficult. This is what I would do with $ 100.

Make a difference: If I had the money I would donate all the money to support the homeless shelter because they deserve to have a home. I would help wherever I could to try to make a difference.

Clothing: If I had $ 100, I would give it to the poor. I would like them to spend it on clothes, so that they can have clothes for all seasons.

University: If I had $ 100 I would save it for my tuition.

A lot of choices : If I had $ 100, I would buy a limo. I can also buy a house or a school. I could buy a puppy. The puppy’s name would be Lilly.

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