Vaccine order confuses airport workers

He ridiculed it as a ‘no punch, go bankrupt’ policy because it could mean hundreds of staff lose shifts, and said if it were to be applied to all workers from the airport, the state government should have properly consulted with the industry beforehand.

Airport and border workers are eligible for the vaccine, but Mr Purvinas said there was no clear path ahead because the vaccines were not readily available.

“They [governments] can’t now turn around and tell people that you can’t go to work and that you won’t get paid because you haven’t been vaccinated when vaccines weren’t always readily available, ”he said. -he declares.

Airlines seek clarification from NSW Health

Qantas and Virgin Australia were also confused by the order.

Both airlines were urgently seeking clarification on the rules before they went into effect at noon. The Australian Financial Review understands that Virgin assumed the new rules only applied to transport staff, not airlines, and therefore operated normally on Monday.

Sydney Airport said it supports the vaccination of high-risk airport workers.

“We also have procedures in place to ensure that high-risk staff at Sydney Airport are vaccinated and encourage vaccination for our entire team,” said a spokesperson.

Transportation Workers Union national secretary Michael Kaine said the order was a “jumble of jargon that is virtually indecipherable in its coverage of workers.”

“The NSW government has not informed employers or aviation unions of the new rules, which, even with the help of legal teams, have not been able to tell airport workers if they can come to work when the mandate goes into effect at noon today. “said Mr. Kaine.

He also criticized the slow deployment of the vaccine.

Only 3.2% of the population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and 25.3% have received at least their first dose of a vaccine, according to The Sydney Morning Heraldtracker.

“The botched immunization rollout to date has led to the worst case scenario across the country. Domestic aviation exists to disperse people across the country, ”said Mr. Kaine.

“If COVID-19 is on board and the risk is not minimized because the workers are not vaccinated, you should expect you to disperse the virus across the country as well. “

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