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Vernon leads the way for less pollution

Street lighting change project completed as city switches to LED lights

The City of Vernon recently completed a street lighting conversion project to help reduce the light population, replacing old high pressure sodium (HPS) lights with new light emitting diode (LED) lights. (City of Vernon photo

The City of Vernon was created in terms of light pollution.

A major energy and cost saving project through the conversion of nearly 1,200 street lights from high pressure sodium (HPS) to light emitting diodes (LEDs) was approved by council in October 2019 and the conversion project was completed last month.

“LED street lighting has made significant strides in recent years,” said Ian Adkins, Director of Roads, Drainage and Airport. “This allowed us to select a luminaire that provides a warm light color closer to traditional HPS light, while still respecting the desired efficiency. “

Adkins predicts that the project will result in a 78% reduction in energy use, as well as an annual savings of approximately $ 68,000 related to BC Hydro’s utility costs. Additionally, LED street lights require less maintenance than traditional HPS street lights, resulting in additional annual savings of approximately $ 22,000.

“The pictures (in the report to the council) show how LEDs do not illuminate the street or the facade of houses,” Coun said. Akbal Mund. “It’s great for light pollution in our community. “

LED luminaires have a lifespan approximately five times longer than HPS.

The estimated return on investment for the project is around five years.

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