What are Scandinavian Airlines’ oldest active aircraft?

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is known for being the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway and Swedenand the star alliance member has a significant footprint across Europe and beyond. According to data from ch-aviation.com, its planes are on average 11.2 years old, but some examples are closer to twice that age.

SAS’s oldest narrow-body Boeing aircraft

Scandinavian airlines‘ the main fleet can be divided into three distinct groups of aircraft: Boeing narrow bodies, Airbus narrow bodies and Airbus jumbo jets. The oldest aircraft in the first of these categories, and indeed in the fleet as a whole, is a Boeing 737-700. Registered LN-RPJ, this twin-engine aircraft is 22.79 years old.


LN-RPJ is one of four active (plus two inactive) Boeing 737-700s in the SAS fleet, although the airline has operated a further 26 of the type in years past. These aircraft are on average 17.1 years old and have 141 seats.

Since its delivery in February 2000, the LN-RPJ has spent most of its career playing a role in Scandinavian Airlines’ core operations. The only exception to this was a four-year stint with SAS Norge, which lasted from May 2005 to September 2009. By July 2022, he had accumulated 46,733 hours over 49,095 cycles.

Boeing 737 SAS

Old Airbus narrow bodies

Airbus single-aisle designs are a key part of SAS’ core fleet today. However, as many come from the European manufacturer’s new A320neo series, they are often at the younger end of the spectrum. That being said, there are some exceptions and the carrier’s A321-200s are on average 20.6 years old.

The oldest of these aircraft is OY-KBK, a 21.2-year-old twinjet which joined the carrier in November 2001. The 200-seat aircraft has spent its entire career operating SAS mainline flights, logging 48,059 hours on 28,790 cycles.

This equates to an annual average of 2,293 hours over 1,373 cycles per year, with an average sector duration and daily duty cycle of 1 hour 40 minutes and 6 hours and 17 minutes, respectively. RadarBox.com data shows that this aircraft flies primarily between SAS’s three main hubs, with Copenhagen being the most frequently visited. It is then followed by Oslo and Stockholm.

SAS Airbus A321

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The carrier’s oldest twin-aisle jet

When it comes to wide-body aircraft from SAS, there are two distinct generations of Airbus in the form of the older A330-300 and the newer A350-900. Of the older aircraft type, which has an average age of 11.3 years, the oldest example is the LN-RKM. This widebody is the sixth oldest in SAS, at 20.15 years.

The aircraft originally joined the carrier as OY-KNB in ​​October 2002, before taking on its current registration exactly a decade later. It can accommodate 266 passengers in three classes and has logged 89,167 flight hours.

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Sources: ch-aviation.com, RadarBox.com

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